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As a part of the Spring/ FoxYeah Campaign of Mozilla ,that started all round the globe from 2nd June'15, two Mozillian Reps of Delhi Mozilla Community, Ajay Kumar and Anup Mishra , organized an event on 7th June'15 in Nabha, located in the north western state of India, Punjab

The event was inaugurated with a brief introduction to open source community, as still a large section of the internet users is unaware about the concept of open source community like Mozilla. Accompanied by various promotional videos of Mozilla , gradually, the speakers moved on to the detailed description of Firefox and various other features that have been incorporated in the new version of Firefox 38.0.5.

Reason Behind selecting Nabha

Nabha is a small municipal council in the district of Patiala, Punjab. As a result of rapid advancement and penetration of technologies even to the remotest corner of the country, most of the residents of this town are currently active users of internet. But, unfortunately, most of them are not very confident about the selection of web browsers and what impact could a web browser make in their freedom while surfing this virtual world. A majority of this crowd still feel uncomfortable with online money transaction as they fear of losing their privacy. This event aimed to stir consciousness among these users regarding these issues.

Plans of the Event

  • Promotion of FoxYeah Campaign by making people aware about the best features of this browser
  • Make them understand how we are different from others
  • Convince all the attendees to such an extent that they will also spread the message of Mozilla and ask their friends to be a part of it.
  • Familiarize them with the motto of this nonprofit community i.e. Making Internet a better place
  • Promote the use of FireFox Hello


  • Share various stories related to Mozilla
  • Ways of contributions for the newbies
  • Clear demarcation between Mozilla and other web browsers
  • Privacy policy adopted by Mozilla
  • Download/ Upgrade latest version of Firefox
  • Firefox for Androids
  • Involvement of attendees with the Mozilla Community through various social media platforms like tweeting about their experience in FoxYeah Campaign, uploading and sharing pictures and videos of the campaign , blog posting etc
  • Tell people about the localized versions of Firefox
  • One-to-one interactions of the speakers with the audience

Special Features/Uniqueness of this event

  • Unlike the other past events, where any college used to host , here the MozPacers were the complete hosts
  • Earlier, mainly the students, especially those from the technical backgrounds were the targeted audience, but this event also attracted a large section of local diversified crowds comprising of students, professionals, housewives and various other technophiles.
  • A section of the audience comprised of people who failed to communicate properly in English, yet keen enough to explore the features of Mozilla

Extracurricular Activities

There was also an arrangement for refreshment for the participants and attendees. This was followed by a small activity session. The later included:

  • Attendees were asked to install Firefox Browser on their phones and the first three people were given chocolates.
  • Bookmark a FoxYeah video in the Pocket account and open the same video on some other device using Pocket Integration of Firefox.
  • People were asked to create Firefox memes and all the participants , along with the volunteers were given chocolates .
  • At the penultimate hour, cake cutting ceremony was held.