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On 27th June, 2015, an event, as a part of FoxYeah Campaign , was conducted at Kapoor’s Classic Meeting Hall in Patiala , by Anup Mishra and Ajay Kumar, representatives from Delhi Mozilla community .

The event was set about with a brief introduction to Mozilla Firefox and Fox Yeah Campaign. Various Mozillian Communities have been conducting this Spring/FoxYeah Campaign at various corners of the world for promoting the use Firefox browser and inculcating people about the advantages of Firefox browser over other browsers. It was succeeded by some introductory videos of Mozilla and sessions that focused on detailed descriptions of features of Firefox browser

People from diversified professional backgrounds, housewives, students and also some Mozillians were the key audience.

Plans for the Event

  • Sessions on Firefox Browser
  • Display of newly designed official site of FoxYeah i.e
  • Inform audience about different features of Firefox ,with special stress on security issues
  • Discussion on Addons like ADBLOCKER PLUS and Lightbeam, Firefox hello, Pocket Integration, might brain etc.


  • To do away with certain misconceptions of the audience related to browser and internet security.
  • Make them aware about the presence of Delhi Mozilla Community on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter so that they could connect easily.
  • Every individual from the audience got a chance to interact with current active Mozillians
  • To get an idea, which browser were they currently using and why

Fun Activities and Refreshments

  • Everybody was served with refreshments like cold drinks and snacks
  • Distribution of Firefox stickers
  • Audience was asked to download Firefox browser on their phones and first three individuals who could download it in due time was given chocolate
  • Materials for making memes were provided to attendees, some made mask and Firefox logo and wrote what they liked about the whole session
  • All the participants along with the volunteers received chocolate
  • Event was called off with the cake cutting ceremony.

After the event

Most of the people were active users of Google Chrome even at the dawn of the event, but at the closing hours of the event they decided to choose Firefox, as default browser due to its smart and safety features. Finally, a small photo session was held to capture the unforgettable moments of the day.