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Mozpacers re committed to promoting women's visibility and involvement in open source communities. We strongly believe in equality of sex, religion or community.This WOMOZ project is mainly dedicated to improving women’s visibility and empowerment.We can now see women in almost every field: architecture, lawyers, financial services, engineering, medical and IT jobs. They have also entered service occupations such as a nurse, a beautician, a sales worker, a waitress, etc. Women are playing bigger and bigger role in economic field: as workers, consumers, entrepreneurs, managers and investors. According to a report of The Economist, ‘Women and the World Economy’, in 1950, only one-third of American women of working age had a paid job.

In Mozpacer’s community there are four women who are active contributors Pushpita Dey ,Archana kumar, Shivika Sahni and Kanika Muraka. There group of enthusiastic women are primarily emphasize on Maker Party, Documentation Designing and taking sessions on women’s empowerment.Even sharing their ideas and thoughts by blogging. Blogging has also become a powerful tool for the educational empowerment of women. According to a study done by the University of California, Los Angeles, medical patients who read and write about their disease are often in a much happier mood and more knowledgeable than those who do not

There is misconception that women are not comfortable in technical projects but womoz has totally discarded this concept as now women are indulging in it.These kinds of opportunities that are provided by Mozilla, easy accessibility and affordability of e-learning, women can now study from the comfort of their home anywhere, anytime. By empowering themselves educationally through new technologies like e-learning, women are also learning new skills that will come in handy in today's advancing globalized world.