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Mozilla Pune is a community of enthusiastic contributors promoting projects and ideas of Mozilla. We work together to promote openness, opportunity and innovation on the web. A proud part of the Mozilla India Community.



Mozilla Pune (MozPune) aligns with the Mozilla's goal of building and keeping the internet as public resource open and accessible for everyone. Our main objective is to share more information and knowledge about Mozilla and other Open Source technologies amongst the contributors.

Contact and Communication

Task Forces

Mozilla Pune follows a Task Force Team structure. Task Forces are groups of individuals with similar interests focusing in a specific area of contribution.

The objectives of each task force team are

  • Help in bringing new contributors to the community
  • Mentor new contributors in the specific contribution areas

Below is the list of Task force teams

  • Creative TFT
  • Documentation TFT
  • Events TFT
  • Localization TFT
  • Mozilla Learning Network TFT
  • Mozilla Location Service TFT
  • Privacy TFT
  • Software Testing & Quality Management TFT
  • Technical TFT
  • WoMoz TFT

Active Student Clubs

  • Firefox Club STES
  • Firefox Club @ CCOEW
  • Firefox Club SICSR
  • VIIT Firefox Club
  • Zeal Firefox Club
  • MESCOE Firefox Club
  • Mozilla Club PICT
  • Firefox Club MITAOE
  • Mozilla Campus Club BVDUCOEP

Major Initiave

Mozilla India Pune Initiative for Web Literacy

Active Mozilla Reps

MozPune Events