Mozilla Romania meet-up at FLOSSCamp 2012

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Meet-up at FLOSSCamp 2012


The event will start on 2012/07/27 18:00:00 PM till 2012/07/29 18:00:00 PM.


Brașov, Romania, EMEA


This event is owned by tct


It is estimated that 10 people will be at the event.


The members of the Romanian Mozilla community discussed about the necesity of organizing a national meet-up to solve the current crisis in and make future plans. The general impression is that we should all gather at the Free/Libre/Open Source Software Camp by the end of the month (July 27th-29th), given that European Mozilla Camp is coming soon, in the first weekend of September (September 8th-9th).

Probably the dedicated meet-up will be better to be organized in the Q1 of the next year (March 2013).

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Mozilla sponsors this meet-up with USD 500. A refund policy applies. Participants are asked to scan the bills and tickets for getting to and returning from the event.


  1. Invite all 17 active members of the Romanian community. Those are Mozillians who are actively involved in the local community and help furthering the Mozilla mission in Romania and Republic of Moldova.
  2. Split the budget in equal shares to the Mozillians who confirm they need sponsorship to participate at this community event. Depending on the distance from the event location and the chosen mean of transportation, it is possible a member's travel can't be completely refunded. Work on cost optimizations.
  3. TBA


Mozilla Romanian community members at meet-up (plus a young aspirant) aiming high
  • Gabriel Ivănică
  • Cristian Silaghi
  • Alexandru Szasz
  • Tiberiu C. Turbureanu



From the 17 invitees, 5 persons where abroad or were preparing to go abroad. 8 people confirmed their paticipation, half of which only made it to the event. Full participation report here: File:Mozilla participation at flosscamp 2012.pdf.


Mozilla meet-up gallery is on its way. The bulk of photos by Alexandru Szasz taken at FLOSSCamp here:


We have two options for

  1. keep things the way they are now and act like a hub for the Romanian contributors to Mozilla
  2. become a community with a leader and good organizational structure for better performance

We chose to go for the second option. Full plan by Alexandru Szasz here: File:Mozilla ro community and leadership by alexandru szasz.pdf.


Being only 4 participants, Tiberiu included accomodation and food and drinks in the budget, along with the travel.

  • Travel (bus + train): 451 (3 pers)
  • Travel (gas): 397 (1 pers)
  • Accommodation: 140 (2 pers, 2 nights)
  • Food and drinks: 402 (3 pers)

Sum: 1390 RON (please check the currency in USD)

The bulk of bills and tickets here: File:Financial report mozilla meetup at flosscamp 2012.pdf.


While at the European Mozilla Camp in Warsaw are being invited just a few Romanian Mozillians because of the high costs of participation, at FLOSS Camp most of the active Romanian members could come if the travel is sponsored by Mozilla.

Irina Sandu who is also familiar with the crisis in the Romanian community came with the idea of organizing a dedicated meeting at MozCampEU2012 where the present Romanian members would participate to discuss the re-organization of and future plans.

Taking this into consideration, a prior Mozilla meeting at FLOSSCamp in Romania is very useful so the EUMozCamp discussions can be representative.