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Jump to: navigation, search now has more accurate geographic data for 6000 vouched Mozillians. You may need to update your profile, since not all of the current data can be migrated, some migrations may not be accurate, and you may want to review your privacy settings.

The new location functionality uses some great libraries and services - Leaflet, Mapbox and OpenStreetMaps. [Leaflet] provides the user interface on the Edit Your Profile page. [Mapbox] is a mapping platform that allows us to use custom maps. [OpenStreetsMaps] has structured location information that is used for the geolocation data.

How to report issues with location data

The data we use is provided by OpenStreetMaps. If you see an issue when searching for a location, you can report that issue to OpenStreetMaps. By letting them know about the incorrect or duplicate location data, you are helping the thousands of sites that use OSM data.

Quick way

  1. Search for the location you want in the map interface on
  2. Click the "Improve this map" link.
  3. Move the marker to the correct position and type a note to explain the problem.

Detailed way

  1. Create an account on Open Street Maps and sign in
  2. Open the main OSM map and search for the location with the issue
  3. Click the Note icon and add a comment explaining the issue. Make the note as a bug. Learn more about Notes.
  4. That's it! The OSM team will review your comment and hopefully fix the issue.

Want to learn more about fixing OpenStreetMap data? This video shows you how to fix issues.