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This page is a scratchpad for copy for each of the pages needed for the 1.0 release on the phonebook as detailed in the sitemap.

Home Page

Intro Blurb

Welcome to the Mozilla community directory. If you're looking for information on your fellow contributors, what they do and how to connect with them, you've come to right place. Learn more > (link to About Mozillians)

CTA for not-signed in users

Join the directory to share information about yourself and to learn more about other Mozillians.

Create Profile (button)

CTA for signed in users

Tell other contributors about this directory and ask them to create a profile.

Invite a Mozillian (button)

Note: The splash page wireframe has a login option in the body of this page, but the login will be in the top nav and won't need to be included in copy.

User Profile

On Unvouched Profiles when viewed by a Mozillian

This profile is waiting for approval. If you can vouch for this person's contributions, please do so.

Vouch for me! (button)

On Unvouched Profiles when viewed by the profile creator

Your profile is waiting for approval. Send this link to someone who is familiar with your contributions and ask them to vouch for you.

Show profile URL





If you'd like to invite a Mozillian to create a profile, please enter their email address here.


Subject: Become a Mozillian

Email: Hi, I'm sending you this because I think you should join, the community directory for Mozilla contributors like you. You can create a profile for yourself about what you do in the community as well as search for other contributors to learn more about them or get in touch. Check it out.

Edit Profile


Search Results

For No Results

The Mozillian you are looking for is not in the directory. Please check your spelling or invite this person (link to invite page) to create a profile.

Create Profile

Disclaimer at bottom of page in smaller type

At this time, profiles are only viewable by other Mozillians. Community members — both employees and non — may use them to identify and contact you about events, projects and other Mozilla-related activities.

Create Profile Thank You

Thanks for creating a profile.

To get full access to search for and invite other Mozillians you'll need to have your profile vouched for by someone who already has an account.

Please send your profile to someone who is familiar with your contributions and ask them to click "Vouch for this person."

You can find your profile at:


About Mozillians

Mozillians are people who volunteer their time to advance the Mozilla mission. They're dedicated to promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web and they form the core of our community.

This directory is a resource to make it easy for Mozillians to learn who is involved, what they do and how to connect with them.

Want to find Mozillians in Auckland for a meetup? Need an expert XPCOM hacker to review a patch? That's exactly what this site is for.

Privacy First

Privacy has been an important part of this directory from the very beginning. We want to make sure we provide Mozillians with the best experience possible, from the way the site is built to the way we vouch for new users before they can access data that should only be available to other Mozillians. Read our Privacy Policy for more information.

Get Involved

The community directory is also a community project and you are welcome to get involved to help us make it even better or to integrate it into other community tools. Get in touch with us on the Mozillians forums (link) to learn how.