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Before Launch

  • First brown bag of site on stage -- view slides / edit slides (David and Aakash and Webdev team)
    • Follow up by posting video for anyone who missed it brown bag
  • Talk with team leads and ask them to communicate to their contributor channels about the phonebook (see template email below). This process will be an ongoing communication effort with team leads that will continue after the launch. People to talk to:
    • Stas (l10n) (Gen)
    • Pascalc/Greg (mozilla europe) (David)
    • Jay (MDN) (Aakash)
    • Janet/Sheppy (documentation) (David)
    • Gen (Asia) (Gen/Mary)
    • Mary (Latin America and Marketing) (Mary)
    • William/Pierros (ReMo and Africa and Middle East) (David)
    • Juan/Marcia/Clint/Stephen/Tomcat (QA) (Aakash)
    • Kadir/ (SuMo) (Gen)
    • Willamr (AoA) (Jason)
    • Jorge (addons) (Aakash)
    • Jeff (Jetpack ambassadors) (David)
    • pbiggar/jdm/mbrubeck/khuey (coding) (Aakash)
    • jenzed/rtanglao (thunderbird) (David)
    • dbolter (accessibility) (David)
    • dees (Labs) (Jason)
    • Atul, Michelle (Mofo) (Gen/Mary)
    • Jason/Julie (students) (Jason)
    • Chelsea (affiliates) (David)
    • Tara (creative collective) (Jason)
    • Tobias (demos) (David)
    • diane (user research) (David)
    • Please add other suggestions...
  • Session at All Hands (David and Aakash)

Soft Launch

For 1.0 release

  • Announce on mozillians mailing list, to staff and email to people who signed-up at (bug 689222)
  • Remove the page and redirect to (bug 664810)

For 1.1 release

  • Send invitations to a seed group of pre-vouched contributors (see bug 674653). This will reach many existing contributors and will create a user base to vouch for new profile requests.
  • Select one project area (l10n maybe?) and ask them to try out and give us their feedback. We can follow up by inviting discussion on the Mozillians list or by sending out a survey after people have tried it for a week.

Full Launch

  • Tie the full launch to the availability of tagging and other criteria decide needs to be there based on feedback from the soft launch -- release TBD
  • Announce launch of the site on Monday meeting, Planet, About Mozilla newsletter, email to everyone, email to mozillians mailing list, notice in Bugzilla. Note: some channels like Facebook or a snippet don't make sense because it isn't going to reach an audience of people likely to use the phonebook. (Aakash)
  • In addition to an announcement post, do a blog series about how it was built -- ask Ozten, Tofumatt, Dave, Gerv, etc. to post. There is an interesting technical story here about how we're using LDAP and approaching privacy. (Aakash)

After Launch

  • Communicate about sticker (see bug 656473) for the first group of people to sign up on site (need to determine how many to print and how to distribute). (David)
  • Follow up again with team leads (see above) about reaching out to their contributors -- the timing of this will depend on the needs of each group (eg, l10n needs tagging so it may not make sense to promote phonebook to that group until tagging is available).
  • Video to walk people through how to use site and how it can help them and to get people involved in phonebook roadmap. (Aakash)
  • Create a phonebook FAQ on the site itself. bug 692645 (Aakash)


Email to Team Leads about Phonebook

  • Subj: Reaching out to ______ contributors about the Mozilla phonebook
  • (ex: Reaching out to QA contributors about the Mozilla phonebook)

I wanted to let you know the Mozillians community directory is launching soon. It's a critical foundational element to Contributor Engagement's strategy to inspire people to participate in Mozilla.

This will be like the employee phonebook, but it will be available to *all* Mozillians (paid + volunteer) and will help all of us by creating an easy way to learn who is involved, what they do and how to connect with them.

We are doing a brownbag about this on Thursday, August 18 at noon pacific in Mountain View and on Air Mozilla and you are welcome to come. It would be great to get your thoughts on our plans and ideas on how to use this new resource.

To help promote the phonebook, please also consider sending a note to your respective teams and ask them to sign up and also reach out on public mailing lists, IRC channels or other forums where contributors to your projects gather. The phonebook isn't live yet, but people can sign up to get news when it launches at:

The 1.0 version of the phonebook will be fairly basic but getting contributors onto this directory now will help us map out future enhancements, such as tagging. Feel free to mention that new features will be coming soon and ask what features contributors would find helpful.

Don't forget to mention that there will be stickers for the first group of people who sign up :)

Thanks for your time.

Email for Beta Launch

  • Audience: people who signed up on and people on Mozillians mailing list

I'd like to announce that the Mozilla Community Directory is now live. This is a critical element of Contributor Engagement's strategy to inspire more people to participate in Mozilla. It will allow us to know who Mozillians are and how many.

You can use the site to create a profile with information about yourself and find out how to get in touch with others.

Please note that this is a beta launch and we're promoting this to a limited audience. After additional testing we will follow up with a full roll out to the entire Mozilla community.

If you run into problems using the site, find an issue, or have ideas for making the site better, please file a bug:

or post to the Mozillians list:

If you'd like to get involved with making this community resource even better, take a look at our code repository and contact tofumatt or davedash in #mozillians on

Thanks to Gerv, Aakash, Dave, ozten, tofumatt, retornam, rforbes, mgoodwin, malexis, Andrew, Corey, Tobbi, jabba, Monique, Stas, Jason, Jay, Seth, Mary and everyone else who worked on this (as well as earlier phonebook efforts). Apologies to anyone who I accidentally left out of this list.

Thank you,

David Boswell

Contributor Engagement

Mozillians Launch Planning Session Notes