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Tuesday Jan 17th 10:30am PDT.

  • Vidyo: 370; Conf 9370.


  • Migrations Update (tofumatt/davedash)
  • 1.2.5 Freeze and Release Times (tofumatt)
  • Upcoming 1.3 Breaking (aakashd)
  • UX Intro (bram)


Migrations Update

  • Adding in BID and writing tests for it

1.2.5 Freeze and Release Times

  • On-track for 1/20
  • mbrandt will get back to us on QA timing
  • rforbes will take a look at the code

Upcoming 1.3 Breakdown

  • bugs are triaged; take a look at them!

UX Intro

  • hello bram! he's in Indonesia (same timezone as Thailand, however). may move to new zealand office.
  • he'll be working on taskboard and phonebook. first taskboard, then phonebook!

Other Notes

  • tofumatt won't be available during the weekend on Thursday - Monday. He'll be back on Tuesday on indo-china time (+7 UTC).