Mozillians/Releases/1.3/January 31 2012

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Tuesday Jan 31st 10:30am PDT.

  • Vidyo: 370; Conf 9370.


  • Releasing the Migration Work (tofumatt/davedash)
  • Mozillians 1.3 (aakashd)


Migrations Update and Release

  • Blocked on network flows; NetOps is on it after escalation.
  • Will be able to run Larper script and make sure there aren't any errors

Mozillians 1.3

  • We'll be building features as we go: location, multiple e-mail addresses and admin panel.
  • Will wait for design elements to be ready as well as wireframes
  • tofumatt's having a hard time working from thailand...and he has malaria.