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Features landing in this release

ID Summary Priority Status
714799 Error when trying to leave a group -- VERIFIED
748057 Error uploading avatar with non-ascii filename. -- VERIFIED
757057 [prod][traceback] Error: MultipleObjectsReturned: get() returned more than one Group -- it returned 2! Lookup parameters were {'url': u'mozilla-hispano'} -- VERIFIED
763513 Allow for groups to be re-directed to similar groups -- VERIFIED
826284 [ExactTarget] Join Group Button doesn't update user info in ET -- VERIFIED
832968 Auto generate unique url from name in Groups. -- VERIFIED
832978 [Admin] Allow merging of groups. -- VERIFIED
837083 [search] Enhance global search box. -- VERIFIED
727719 Some searches return duplicate results -- VERIFIED
748559 Fix groups page url -- VERIFIED
764024 Able to create an account with no last name - creates a non-viewable search result -- VERIFIED
764183 [Admin Panel] Remove 'delete' from the bulk User actions -- VERIFIED
799824 duplicate entries when scrolling triggers a page load -- VERIFIED
829847 [traceback][stage] TimeoutError: Request timed out after 2.000000 seconds -- VERIFIED
837311 [stage] Unable to register new users - 500 error -- VERIFIED
838156 Skills field is not updated correctly -- VERIFIED
690591 link on website for input/bugs -- VERIFIED
698912 Update favicon and mobile icons -- VERIFIED
816309 Move Mozillians From Webtrends To Google Analytics -- VERIFIED
837811 [stage] Adding a new language to a user's account results in a 500 error -- VERIFIED
741541 Long profile bio text should wrap -- VERIFIED

Open; Resolved; Total (0% complete)