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(Note: This document describes features that will be built in, but are not built yet. For more information about the features, see and )


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Question: How do we make vouching more meaningful so it demonstrates someone's involvement with Mozilla and helps members of understand who they're sharing their information with?

This is the second iteration of a proposal to improve how people sign up for The original context about authorization and proposal give more information.

How vouching currently works

  • A public user can create a profile and that person's account is unvouched
  • Unvouched users can only browse public profiles and do not see profiles shown only to Mozillians
  • Vouched users are able to view all profiles on the site
  • Any user can be vouched by another vouched user
  • Paid staff are automatically vouched if they have a email address
  • If a person receives an email invitation from a vouched user, that person becomes vouched when they create an account

New proposal

  • Vouch descriptions. Vouchers are required to give a short descripton of how the vouchee contributes to Mozilla. These descriptions are displayed on both the voucher and the vouchee's profile and are only visible to Mozillians, not shown publicly.
  • Multiple vouches. A user can be vouched more than one time.
  • Network of trust for vouching privilige. You must be vouched by three people in order to have the ability to vouch for other people. Once you are vouched by three people, you receive the "can_vouch" flag.
  • Planned second phase that allows for automated vouching through the API.
  • Visibility of profiles remains the same. Vouched users are able to view all profiles on the site.
  • UI improvements include detailed language explaining who can see my information and how the network will grow.

Upgrade path

  • All contributors who attended Summit 2013 will get 3 vouches.
  • All existing staff will get 1 vouch.
  • Following this change, old-style vouches will grant "Mozillians"-level access for 60 days longer.
  • If a user with an old-style vouch fails to get a new-style vouch, that user will be changed to "Unvouched" after 60 days.
  • We'll email reminders about the need to supplement vouches with comments several times during the 60-day window.
  • Unvouched accounts will remain unvouched
  • Employees will continue to receive one vouch upon hire, with message "Hired by Mozilla on DATE"