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Confidentiality Agreement FAQ

What is a Confidentiality Agreement:

A Confidentiality Agreement (or NDA) is a legal agreement between volunteers and Mozilla that will allow us to share confidential information with contributors that we don’t, or aren’t yet ready to share with the general public. For example, NDA’d Mozillians have access to the videos on Air Mozilla, which are closed to the public because they contain confidential information.

In order for the NDA group to grow and succeed it requires everyone who enters it to make a commitment to share the trust conferred by admission into this group.

You can view the full text of the NDA here.

What do I commit to when I sign an NDA?

We believe that the relationship between Mozilla and core contributors should be one of mutual trust, and as such there are a series of commitments that Mozilla would like to make to you, and commitments that we would like you to make as a core contributor and member of this group of Mozillians who have signed an NDA.

Mozilla commits to:

  • To provide you with timely access to the information you need to contribute effectively
  • To provide access to relevant support
  • To provide you with opportunities for growth and development as a contributor or leader

In turn NDA’d Mozillians commit:

  • To advance the values and mission of Mozilla
  • To empower and support other contributors
  • To exercise care and discretion when communicating about Mozilla to those outside of the NDA’d group
  • To keep the confidence that is given via the NDA

You will also have the ability to request that information shared with you under the NDA be made public through this form mzl.la/reclassify.

How long does an NDA last:

NDA’s expire after one year, in order to make sure that those on the list are regularly active. One year from the acceptance date, inviters will have the opportunity to re-invite volunteers to the NDA group.

What happens once I get my invitation:

Once you receive your invitation, please read and think carefully about the NDA before you agree to its terms and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to your inviter!

Once you have accepted the terms of the NDA you will:

  • Automatically be added to the NDA Group on Mozillians
  • You will have access to the NDA-restricted discourse category, a safe space for internal conversations (staff and nda volunteers).
  • You will also automatically have access to view NDA-restricted Air Mozilla and you will be able to access the #moco channel on IRC from the Air Mozilla page.
  • You will receive internal confidential emails with updates pertaining to Mozilla.
  • You may also have additional confidential information shared with you personally, so please be aware or check with the disclosure before you re-share any information.
  • You may also be given access to the Mozilla Slack instance, please discuss this with your inviter if this is something you think would meaningfully improve your ability to contribute effectively.

Leaving the NDA group:

If you would like to stop receiving confidential information at any time, or can no longer contribute your time as a volunteer, before the end of your one year period you can ask your inviter to remove you from the group or email legal-notices@mozilla.com to end your NDA. Inviters can also remove contributors from the NDA group at any time if that contributor is no longer actively contributing to Mozilla, or if there is a violation of trust or the Community Participation Guidelines.

Who Can Get an NDA

They are distributed by invitation to individuals who are deeply involved with Mozilla and are trusted by the administrators of a Mozilla Community. Reps, L10N, Security and SUMO each have their own procedure for assessing activity and distributing NDA’s. Staff can also nominate contributors to receive an NDA if they believe that a volunteer would benefit from signing one. Here is the information for each of these groups.


All active Reps are under NDA and receive invitations as part of entry into the program. Reps Staff access activity each year for the purposes of renewal. You can read more about how to become a Rep here.


SUMO admins determine activity and send invitations to active SUMO members. You can read more about how to become a member of SUMO here.


You can read more about how to get involved with localization (L10N) in this page. If you're an active localizer and want to know more about NDA, please get in touch directly with l10n drivers.

Tech Speakers

All active Mozilla Tech Speakers are invited to sign Mozilla’s NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). This will give you access to timely information about future product plans, releases, organizational announcements, and confidential Mozilla meetings. You can learn more about the Tech Speakers program here.

Security Contributors

Non-Staff working as part of the Bugzilla Security Group will be invited to join the NDA group.

Research Contributors

Non-Staff contributing to Research organization projects such as Rust, Servo, WebVR/WebAR, Daala, and Deep Speech may contact larsberg.

Add-ons Contributors

There are many ways to contribute to Mozilla's add-ons projects. If you are an active contributor and want to learn more about NDA, please contact Caitlin Neiman.

Mozilla Community Web Services

Active MCWS volunteers will be invited to sign Mozilla’s NDA in order to provision and administer some of the Mozilla-hosted web services open to our communities.

All Hands Contributors

Volunteers invited by a staff member to attend an All Hands will be invited to sign an NDA. An NDA will be required to participate in some parts of the All Hands. Invitations will be sent shortly before the event, and volunteers will be removed from the NDA group after the All Hands if they are not also covered by one of the long-term contribution areas (above).


Staff Vouching

In order to receive an NDA, if you are not in any of these groups, you must be invited by a staff member. Staff members can vouch for contributors using this form.

Please note that contributors must have a Mozillians.org account to be added to the NDA Group.

Staff: Please note that you will accountable for your invitee and you will have to renew their NDA at the end of one year. In order to accommodate for changes in position or employment you must also list a “back-up” inviter who will assume responsibility for your contributors should you leave the organization.