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Under consideration.


  • Last modified: May 12, 2010
  • Authors: Oleg Romashin (Nokia), Josh Aas (Mozilla)
  • Contributors: Robert O'Callahan (Mozilla)


This drawing model allows plugins to draw into a buffer.

Event Model Requirements

This drawing model is currently compatible with the following event models:

While this is currently only compatible with the extended X event model, this could change. This drawing model was designed to work on any platform.


As this will be the first alternative to the default X drawing model, we'll designate the original model:

  • NPDrawingModelX (NPDrawingModel = 4)
  • NPNVsupportsXDrawingBool (NPNVariable = 2004)


For documentation on negotiating drawing models, see NPAPI:Models. The drawing model variables for draw image events are:

  • NPDrawingModelDrawImage (NPDrawingModel = 5)
  • NPNVsupportsDrawImageBool (NPNVariable = 3005)

Event Structure

 typedef enum {
   /* each pixel is a 32-bit quantity, with
    * alpha in the upper 8 bits, then red, then green, then blue.
    * The 32-bit quantities are stored native-endian. Pre-multiplied
    * alpha is used. (That is, 50% transparent red is 0x80800000,
    * not 0x80ff0000.) */
   NPImageFormatARGB32_pre = 0x1,
   /* each pixel is a 32-bit quantity, with
    * the upper 8 bits unused. Red, Green, and Blue are stored
    * in the remaining 24 bits in that order. */
   NPImageFormatRGB24      = 0x2,  /* x8r8g8b8 */
   NPImageFormatRGB16_565  = 0x4   /* r5g6b5   */
   /* non-premultiplied version of RGBA32 format */
   NPImageFormatARGB32     = 0x8,
   /* can be extended */
 } NPImageFormat;
 typedef struct _NPImageData
   /* Image data parameters */
   char*         data;       /* image pointer */
   int32_t       stride;     /* Stride of data image pointer */
   NPImageFormat format;     /* Format of image pointer */
   /* size of plugin window in current buffer, used for scale information */
   NPSize        pluginSize; 
   /* "data" points to exposeX/Y point, which is also offset in plugin window area */
   int32_t       exposeX; 
   int32_t       exposeY; 
   /* size of data buffer, size of area where plugin should paint */
   /* exposeX/Y + exposeSize <= pluginSize */
   NPSize        exposeSize; 
 } NPImageData;

How to initialize cairo destination surface with this info:

cairo_surface_t *src = plugin_window_image (probably cached)
cairo_surface_t *dest =
  cairo_image_surface_create_for_data((unsigned char*)event->data,

cairo_t *cr = cairo_create(dest);
cairo_set_source_surface (cr, src, -event->exposeRect.left, -event->;

NPImageFormat Type Negotiation

  • NPNVsupportedImageFormats (NPNVariable = 19)
  • NPPVImageFormats (NPPVariable = 22)

Negotiating the image format will work similarly to drawing and event model negotiation, but the value of NPNVsupportedImageFormats will be a bitmap of supported types. Based on the browser's supported formats, the plugin should select a subset which it can handle. The format for any given event will be specified in the event, and will be from the plugin's supported subset.

 NPImageFormat supportedFormats;
 browserFuncs->getvalue(instance, NPNVsupportedImageFormats, &supportedFormats);
 browserFuncs->setvalue(instance, NPPVImageFormats, (void*)supportedSubset);