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Deb (dria)

Last week

  • Final review of current French Toast designs, all is well & very excited to get started
  • Put together initial draft of French Toast development plan
  • Sent User Research projects proposal (first two) to Cori - no word yet, but I think she's in Brazil
  • Went through some user research projects again in detail, started brainstorming out potential Pancake details based on them
  • Got my Nexus 7 and have started using it as my primary tablet in prep for Android client

This week

  • Flesh out French Toast development plan
  • Follow up with Cori about user research proposal
  • Further brainstorming/thinking around user research findings
  • Further thinking about a larger/longer-term user research project (4-6 month)
  • Finalize what needs to move to the public wiki in order to do an initial release & move those things
  • Start digging in to whatever research or information is available about search and sharing. Deep dive on these.

Gordon (gbrander)

Last week:

  • Created interactive prototype Keynote, with all screens and states interconnected by links. Everything screen except profile is represented.
  • Updated wireframes
    • Explored interaction paradigms for layer stacking, allowing users to easily hop between layers.
    • Wireframe for app dashboard
    • Updates to wireframes based on interactive prototype feedback
  • Updated UX deck with changes to wireframes.
  • Tested conversion scripts for Node JavaScript modules, making them AMD (client) compatible. This opens up a few potential libraries for use on the front-end.
  • HTML prototyping a TODOs app with Reducers library. This library could potentially simplify and improve performance of the front-end. We're giving it a smoke test by building a simple TODOs app with it.

This week:

  • User Research script
  • Field test paper prototypes -- see if this gets us better feedback
  • A few tweaks to the layer interaction model for the Keynote prototype
  • Create a full animated demo path for the app
  • Lean user testing with the prototype
  • A bit more experimentation with Reducers.

My goal is to make as much progress on design as possible right now so we don't end up with engineering outpacing design.

Sam (sfoster)

Last Week:

  • Exploring reactive programming approaches, reducers library
    • Formed poor opinion of browserify
  • Port of dojo store API and implementation with composable LocalStorage, Observable, JsonRest classes and mixins
    • IndexDB-based API
    • extensible architecture
    • AMD with little/no dependencies
    • "live" query results, opt-in item and item-property level change notification
  • Exploring data-binding and reactive-style "views"
  • Prototype TODO app using said store and handlebars for templating
  • Review/prototype of entity/component based app architecture
    • TODO proof-of-concept app underway

This week:

  • Closure on above explorations
  • Caching store proof of concept
  • Initial lattice API prototype
  • Integration plan as appropriate


Last week

This week

  • Trying to get more functionality in the Android app.
  • Experimenting with Linkedin's Cleo for Typeahead search


Last week

  • Looked into some app packaging issues
  • Wrote bits of a url recommendation engine based on pancake data

This week

  • Finish url recommendation engine
  • Deployment to production
  • Configuration of stats backends in staging & production


  • Nada for Pancake
  • Most work has been b2g gaia work and crashkill for mobile.
  • same thing for this week plus holiday.
  • same thing for the next week plus holiday.
  • on holiday from 15 ~ 20th (friends' wedding. Will be back on the 21st.)