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Deb (dria)

Last week

  • Put together a comprehensive initial (draft) list of user stories for French Toast & started matching those to proposed development phases
  • Short email exchange with Cori about research projects, following up this week

This week

  • Finish first draft of user stories & development plan for French toast (ping me if you want access)
  • Look in to some tools for managing/tracking an agile dev plan like this (suggestions welcome -- currently only know of Pivotal Tracker)
  • Meet with Cori re: Sharing user study & get that ball rolling
  • Sort out (likely with Gordon) plan for doing our own lightweight usability testing on a biweekly basis (UR team doesn't do those, apparently)
  • Make time to read a bunch of Pancake-related things that have been in my queue for a while (several books)

Gordon (gordonb)

  • Updated demo path
  • Created Keynote UX Deck for IDEO
  • Presented to IDEO
  • Updated wireframes
    • Switched to infinite stacking paradigm, instead of multiple layers of tabs
    • Ideation for Discovery mode
    • Revisited browsing controls
    • Snap back to Lv1 behavior
    • Updated search results
    • Removed sidebar from Lv2 and 3.
  • Wrapped up Keynote prototype
  • Tested module conversion scripts (Node -> AMD) so we can use Node libraries on the front end
  • Investigated amd forked pancake-ft-client
  • Investigating amd-store, getting familiar

This week:

  • Work on user testing script
  • User testing
  • App Dashboard first run
  • Discovery page ideation
  • Web search results wireframe
  • Contribute to JS French Toast prototype


  • Experimented with Linked In's Cleo typeahead engine
  • Learned how to use Elastic MapReduce in both Streaming and Native (Java) modes
  • Processed various data sets on Elastic MapReduce as input for Cleo
  • Deployed a typeahead prototype

Sam (sfoster)


  • Exploration in topic modelling land
  • Topic model improves, a bigger dataset is obtained and used
  • Recommendations!