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Gordon Brander (gordonb)

Past week:

Sam Foster (sfoster)

Past week:

Being a week of work in the prototype French Toast pancake client (app-skeleton branch)

  • Search and search results functional.
  • Stubs in place for url opening (Pancake.* APIs)
  • Login/logout behaviour driven by (observable) username and session settings
  • Exploring localStorage + storage events. Can react to logout/login and other setting changes across open windows/tabs
  • Hooked up POST to stack/search to create new sessions
  • Hooked up active stacks query
  • Prototyped router and route for search terms (gives us working search + search result urls)
  • Node.js reverse-proxying server checked in under 'proxy' directory. npm install && npm start to install/run

Coming up:

  • At a conference Wed, Thurs, Friday of this week; spotty availability
  • Break out "saved searches" (session/active) onto its own page
  • Create browser-based viewer for testing/development
  • Wire up content and applications links to explore layer behavior
  • Further implementation/integration of the proposed Pancake.* APIs for full application lifecycle


Recommendation engine built: Trained with hacker news data containing 16K links at random. Works fairly well for data it expects: google, apple, education articles, as well as startup news.