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User Story

"Help me find x."

"I want the results to be easy to understand."

"As an ordinary human being who doesn't have time to sort my life into neat little buckets, I want to search everything — my history, my saved links, my notes — not just the web."


The goal for search is to make finding easy. The feeling we want to achieve is exploration.

The search overview layer aims to be like the front page of a newspaper for your given search term.

We try to identify the following concepts, using them to present information in helpful ways.

  • People
    • Flickr/Instagram
    • Twitter, etc
  • Places
    • Maps
    • Local suggestions
  • Events
    • News headlines/articles

In addition, we have special ways to display:

  • Your stuff (boards, pinned places, frequently visited) -- this is always first.
  • Stuff friends have pinned
  • Web results
  • Graph results
  • Social network results
  • Media (video/images)