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Connected Devices: IoT Demos and Hacking

Session Objectives:

  • Observe: View and hear descriptions of common embedded device hardware relevant to Firefox OS use cases.
  • Build: Feel and examine real embedded device hardware hands on and up close.
  • Demo: Influence B2G use by studying its behaviour on several device classes.
  • Apply: Install a physical web application on our fresh B2G devices to foster experimentation.
  • Inspire: Understand how relevant and easy to use IoT is, and foster enthusiasm of Firefox OS in the IoT.



  • Sausage contact (10 min): We form a circle of human devices and connect the circuit using a sausage.
  • Physical web cases (15 min): We stand up and walk to Bluetooth and Internet connected devices, receiving notifications on our phones.
  • Whirlwind device tour (40 min): We review a number of common embedded devices on which Firefox OS could run or communicate with.
  • Hands on breakout (30 min): We feel and experience hardware up close. Particle Photon, MakeyMakey, and nRF-51 devices are distributed.

Session Achievements:

  • Fun: We had a lot of fun tapping bongos and holding hands.
  • Attended: We filled capacity (60?) with standing room only.
  • Learned: The degree of learning about IoT relevance and ease was met.
  • Use cases: Some B2G adaptations were not demonstrated due to technical problems.
  • Application: ...of the Physical Web on Foxfood devices failed due to planning problems.
  • Hands on: ...with loaned embedded devices only partially succeeded due to lack of time.
  • Participation: ...from a helpful young man enriched our knowledge of the Chirimen platform.
  • Inspire: We hope that folks came away with a positive regard to Firefox OS and it's pivot to connected devices.


  • This session combined aspects of previously delivered lectures and workshops which was experimental in nature.

Session documents & Relevant Links: