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Session Title: Personal Leadership

Leadership Framework Component: Personal Leadership

Session Description (this will appear on the sched app, so please edit to reflect clarity):

The is the foundational session for Personal Leadership in Mozilla that everyone will attend. The purpose is to establish a common language and set of practices for professional development, different personalities/leadership traits, and team formation. We will continue to refer to and build on these throughout the Summit and beyond. The hope is that it triggers healthy discussion on what leadership means in Mozilla.

In the theory on leading/mobilizing others -- especially with distributed leadership, volunteers and on social change issues -- two of the foundational skills are: a) the ability and desire of leaders to deepen self-awareness, to undertake continuous learning and to commit to professional growth; b) being able to understand and work with key differences in how people think and act, including understanding one’s own tendencies. This workshop will equip participants with some theory and tools to build these skills.

Note: During this exercise, we will emphasize that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is merely a handy tool to increase self-awareness and the differences in how people might interact in certain situations. It isn’t meant to constrain or classify personalities: In fact it is just the opposite – it is another tool to help understand how one can adapt to different situations and interactions.

In addition, this workshop will reinforce the importance of building strong, effective teams in Mozilla’s volunteer communities. One theme for the Leadership Summit (and strong hypothesis of the Participation Team) is that achieving Mozilla’s mission in the years ahead will require building strong and effective teams of volunteers all around the world. Teams can take on bigger, longer-term and more complex issues and outcomes -- this is what we’re going to need from volunteer contributors moving forward. We’ll only scratch the surface of “teaming”, to be built on throughout the remainder of the Summit.

The aim is to run this session at the Leadership Summit, and then have it repeated in many communities, with many leaders or potential leaders, throughout the year.

Session Objectives:

  1. Internalize that “leadership is a refactoring job” -- that self-development and learning are keys to effectively mobilizing others and leading teams in Mozilla
  2. Internalize that “Teaming” -- forming and building effective teams -- is crucial for our communities to have impact in this next phase of Mozilla’s mission
  3. Understand own personality type (through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), how this differs from others, and how this related to effective teams

Agenda (draft is fine!):

  1. Agenda and workshop goals - 5-10 min
  2. Exploring leadership - 20 min
  3. Professional growth - 20 min
  4. Myers-Briggs Type Indicators - 25 min
  5. Teaming - introduction and tools - 15 min
  6. Wrap-up - 10 min

Facilitators: (use Mozillian links if possible, otherwise next best profile link):

Session documents & Relevant Links:

Every Summit participation should complete the free MBTI test here, record their result and bring it to the Summit. On the Friday night there will be an activity to find your MBTI type partners!!!