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Session Title: Personal Storytelling

Leadership Framework Component: Personal Leadership

Session Description (this will appear on the sched app, so please edit to reflect clarity):

Personal storytelling led by 270

(draft) A session describing the power of storytelling in engaging others. According to studies, the brains of the person telling a story and listening to it can synchronize, meaning that the same regions of the brain are stimulated in both parties.

The elements of a personal story are: a challenge to be overcome, a choice to make, and the outcome of making that choice.

The way to make the story compelling: setting the scene, detailing feelings so the audience feels identified. Choose the characters involved in the story. Describe the challenge/conflict/reason for the plot.

The facilitator then encouraged the audience to remember what they felt when they joined Mozilla, and what made them stay. She asked people to remember and then tell their personal stories of how they joined Mozilla. One member of the audience (Alex Lakatos) stood up and told his story: he initially joined because a prize for a coding competition was a Mozilla t-shirt, and he really wanted the t-shirt. He eventually won the competition, and felt motivated enough to stay with Mozilla [someone might want to correct the details].

The facilitator made the audience tell their personal stories to their peers with drawings or images, and making sure the story had an "ask" to make to the listener; something to feed the thoughts of the listener.

As homework, it was asked to write the 15/10/5/2 minutes versions of the audience's personal stories. Also the versions for 1:1 conversations and for small/big groups.

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