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Session Title: Rapid Prototyping

Leadership Framework Component: Developing Specialization, Building for Action & Impact

Session Description (this will appear on the sched app, so please edit to reflect clarity):

Based on the "Rapid Prototyping Talk by Tom Chi - Build effective, cutting-edge product prototypes in support of an ongoing innovation process.

Session Objectives:

  • Apply Design Thinking principals to a "real world" design problem (paper airplanes)

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of Design Thinking, and how best to apply it when prototyping.


  • Intro presentation about Design Thinking and rapid prototyping
  • Design Challenge, Use rapid prototyping to make a paper airplane that flies the furthest.
  • Have teams come up and talk about their process. What worked, what didn't work for making plane better.
  • Contest: see whose plane flies the furthest (more for fun than about Design Thinking)


  • Teams didn't work too well, most people wanted to make paper airplanes on their own (which is fine)
  • Make sure teams document everything (what is their hypothesis, how far did each plan fly, how many iterations did they make, etc.)
  • Have a dedicated space for flying and measuring plane distance, otherwise someone will lose an eye
  • In the end, a crumpled wad of paper won our competition. This is a nice teaching device for making hypothesis that challenge the nature of the game


  • Michael
  • Pierros

Session documents & Relevant Links: