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Session Title: Co-Creating a Connected Devices contributor experience

Leadership Framework Component: Developing Specialization, Building for Action & Impact

Session Description (this will appear on the sched app, so please edit to reflect clarity):

The Participation and Connected Devices teams have been working on a project to explore the open source community and understand what makes people contribute and be part of the communities, from open hardware projects to open data projects. This session will be sharing some of the key insights from that work and working with the participants to understand and give recommendations based on the research. Each session will have between 15-25 participants and the sessions require full participation for the 1.5 hours. We will provide snacks and fun.

Session Objectives:

The goal of the session is to ideate and prioritise on existing findings.

Learning Objectives:

To ensure the communities perspective on the insights can drive the recommendations.

Agenda (draft is fine!):

Reviewing the research: Ensuring we frame the discussion in the basis of the existing research, this section will introduce the participants to the existing research insight themes.

Co-creation exercises: The goal of this session is to ensure we gain insight into the communities ideas related to the research and prioritization of findings from the research. Beyond experiencing co-creation first hand, the session will have the participants go through 3 fast paced co-creation exercises to give recommendations and priority to the research findings.

Facilitators: (use Mozillian links if possible, otherwise next best profile link):

  • Rina Jensen
  • Jared Cole

Session documents & Relevant Links: