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Session Title: Running an Awesome Hackathon

Leadership Framework Component: Developing Specialization, Empowering Teams & People, Building for Action & Impact

Session Description (this will appear on the sched app, so please edit to reflect clarity):

Running an awesome hackathon!

Learning Objectives"

  • Everyone understands their potential to run or organize a hackathon
  • Everyone understands how mentorship roles can support, and in many cases are critical for success
  • Everyone understands how to design with varying skillsets in mind
  • Everyone has an aha moment on a skill they can leverage through hackathon that's not your typical code-athon (ie: doc sprint)
  • People leave with an idea of common challenges, and ways to approach solving them through preparation.
  • Everyone understands the role of communication and pre-work in setting people up for success.
  • People begin to imagine types of victories for participation in a hackathon beyond the pull request. (like solving a problem, like updating the readme)

Agenda (draft is fine!):

Facilitators: (use Mozillian links if possible, otherwise next best profile link):

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