Participation/Global Gatherings 2015/Singapore/Lightning Talks

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Lightening Talks will be held in the same location as dinner.

  • Michael Henretty - "Do Things, Tell People"
  • Stacy Martin, Ankit Gadgil & Adrian MÂRZA - "Why Privacy Matters"
  • Ali Spivak - "Developer Marketing at Mozilla"
  • Jessica Osorio - "Mozilla Marketing - A look back & 2016 plan"
  • Janet Swisher - "MDN as a gateway to Mozilla"
  • Sara Haghdoosti = "Let's build the loudest, most effective voice for the web"
  • Larissa Shapiro - "Who’s at the Table? Diversity and Inclusion at Mozilla"
  • Havi Hoffman - "Mozilla Tech Speakers program- Scaling begins with you!"
  • Axel Hecht - "The value of Localization"
  • Ioana Chiorean - "Try. Measure. Involve. Repeat."
  • Andre Garzia - "Teaching The Web With Mozilla Clubs"