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Project Structure

Project Sponsor: Debbie Cohen
Project Owner: Mihca Anderson
Project Managers: (click links to learn more about each individual area)

Meeting Structure

Project Board Meeting

Owner: Mihca Anderson
Frequency: Monthly
The purpose of these meetings is to:

  • Reminders, key changes, updates
  • High level status of each sub-project (work completed, work planned for upcoming months)
  • Key open issues that may affect timing, resources, or the overall plan
  • Sharing of lessons learned

Roles and Responsibilities

Project Owner

The responsibilities of the Project Owner will be:

  • Day to day management of overall Project activities.
  • Prepare and implement the Project Plan.
  • Update wiki with Project status reports.

Project Manager

The responsibilities of each Project Manager will be:

  • Day to day responsibility for management of their individual project activities.
  • Update wiki on a weekly basis.
  • Communicate big milestones on yammer.

Project Communication Plan

We’ll use yammer + the People Team Blog + this wiki as our primary communication vehicle to narrate the project start to finish, with regular updates on the Project call. In addition, the progress of this initiative will be tracked on our goals spreadsheet.

And you can always find us for more info on the #peoplepeople IRC channel.

Project Status Report

Frequency: bi-weekly
Audience: all Mozillians
Method: wiki site