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  • mccr8 discussed a blog post on finding leaks using Chrome. Similar process to Firefox, but there are slicker tools. There's a related un-MemShrink'ed bug.
  • jst wants us to consider the large list of ideas for MemShrink-related ideas, and volunteered to go through the list to see what isn't being done. He will post a filtered list to the Wiki page.
  • sfink is working on some tools to print out JS roots, to make debugging leaks easier.
  • dave: working more on endurance tests, but no real updates

Dark Matter Detector

  • njn: "drive Dark Matter with data and not guesses"
  • njn is working on this. It is up and running, and already finding things. It is turning up a lot of things, so it will keep him busy for a while.
  • He said it isn't that slow. The main slow part is printing the output, when you do about:memory.
  • It involves a patch to Valgrind trunk and Firefox. Very Firefox-specific, so it probably won't be included in the main distribution of Valgrind or Firefox.
  • Having a heap diff style tool might be useful eventually, but right now there's a lot of low-hanging fruit to handle.
  • jst wanted to know how much trouble it would be to distribute a pre-built version for people to use more easily. njn thinks it may not be worth it given the very small audience, probably just MemShrink people.
  • Valgrind doesn't support Windows.

Unprioritized bugs

  • nsTArray: may be more of a perf issue, jlebar is investigating
  • spell checking Dark Matter: upstream code, may be difficult to understand, but only two sites that are major contributors.
  • various clownshoes bugs, a couple of them require upstream fixes