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The entire meeting was spent on triage.

  • There are a number of a number of image-related MemShrink problems, will be tracked in the meta bug, Bug 683284. Specifically, this is focusing on image-related things we do worse at than other browsers. Some examples of this are animated GIFs, storing decoded slide image that aren't being shown, etc.
  • We could be more sophisticated in how we deal with memory pressure. This is especially important on mobile, where the browser gets killed if it takes too much memory. What kind of infrastructure can we create for per-tab dumping of re-generatable data structures? njn sent message to dev-platform on this topic, which has sparked a lively discussion.
  • How to deal with Flash and other plugins using a lot of memory? This is a problem that has come up repeatedly. It seems like there is no short term solution to this. Maybe if we have a bunch of separate Flash processes then that would help?