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  • Only 9 unprioritized bugs.
  • Bug 692748 - Livemark seems to be a good chunk of memory. Is the memory drop real? What is going on? Should we improve it? Can we eliminate this memory usage for existing profiles? Looks like the memory usage started spiking around September 8.
  • Bug 686989 - Sharing strings between JS and C++. Would this have an impact on memory usage? Strings are usually short-lived. bholley could look into that.
  • Bug 696761 - What is the deal with these pause times? Can we get more information from Asa? Full memory dump and cycle collection dump from Asa? Asa's case seems to be the most tractable.
  • More generally, how can we mitigate long CC pause times? interruptible cycle collector, avoid scheduling CC during user interaction