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Performance Project Archive

"Cold" page load benchmark

Product impact [DESKTOP]
Goal Create a reliable1 Talos benchmark for 'cold' page load times.

1Reliable in this case refers to minimizing variability in the data between runs on the benchmark system.

Duration TBD
Team Nathan Froyd (lead), Avi Halachmi
Progress reports TeamStatus: Nathan Froyd, Avi Halachmi
Notes This project will start by exploring viability of such a benchmark. If the benchmark turns out to be infeasible, we will document the results and move on to another project.

The benchmark approach was infeasible. Alternative tests will be considered.

Replace Add-on Manager SQLITE with JSON file

Product impact [DESKTOP] [MOBILE]
Goal Goal: Reduce Add-on Manager impact on start-up time1 and runtime pauses2 by removing SQLITE database from XPI Provider and Add-on Repository and replacing with JSON3.

1Start-up time reduction by reducing the amount of I/O required before first paint.
2Runtime pause reduction by reducing I/O required during add-on up-to-date checks and updates, and making sure as much as possible is off main thread.
3New implementation will do no blocking I/O except minimal loading of required data during start-up.</sup>

Duration 6 weeks (approx week of May 27, 2013)
Team Irving Reid (lead), Felipe Gomes
Progress reports Irving Reid's blog, TeamStatus: Irving Reid, Felipe Gomes
Work bug 853388, bug 853389

Downloads API Rewrite

Product impact [DESKTOP]
Goal To improve responsiveness when downloads are started, by removing the main-thread I/O caused by access to "downloads.sqlite". The concrete goal is to ensure that SQL statements involving moz_downloads no longer appear in the "slow SQL" Telemetry dashboard.
Duration Mid August for reaching the initial goal in Nightly.

Probably another month or two (with lower bandwidth) for follow-ups.

Team Paolo Amadini (lead), Raymond Lee, Felipe Gomes, Neil Deakin
Progress reports firefox-dev mailing list, weekly updates tool.
Work bug 825588, Feature Page
Notes The project should include a follow-up time frame to accommodate any changes identified after Firefox for Desktop has migrated to the new API, as well as handle requests to facilitate other Mozilla products and add-ons to migrate to the new API.

Remove localStorage From Browser Pages

Product impact [DESKTOP]
Goal Replace about: pages use of DOM Storage with more performant storage, like indexedDB, to remove UI hangs due to main-thread IO.
Team Marco Bonardo
Progress reports Marco's blog, weekly updates tool.
Work bug 729777 and dependencies