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  • fix cache(fix within this development cycle) (nhurley)
  • submit chromehang minidumps with telemetry(less than a week for technical stuff) - ben?
  • land dom storage + sql timing (vladan)
  • turn on benoit's profiler for developers next week(bug #?) (jrmuizel)
  • do animation data after profiler is done (jrmuizel)
  • file bugs for product P1 responsiveness issues - lmandel


  • (dmandelin) What kinds of comparisons can we do with Telemetry, and how easily?
    • Example: Can we see the effect of landing a change?
    • Example 2: Can we do A/B testing?
  • (dmandelin) Closing a tab is frequently not snappy for me. What's the easiest way to diagnose this?
  • (Asa) I'd like to propose that we instrument and get timing data for each of the starred items starting at line 49 here These are what I consider the top primary UI features. The un-starred items are next.
  • (Asa) A proposal for snappy:Priority criteria: If it's primary UI, it's a priority until it's snappy. If it's secondary UI, it's only a priority if it's horrible. So, for example, performance of the Awesomebar pop-up is a priority, even if it feels OK -- it needs to be "instant". Performance of tabs the Add-ons manager is secondary UI and it's "good enough" right now so not a priority. However, performance of deleting history items, also secondary UI, is so catastrophically bad that it should be a priority.


  • chromehang bugs should probably be [Snappy]
    • helped prioritize known problems, uncovered new ones
    • Evidence that sqlite is not our #1 problem
    • only caught the first lag

Will start by integrating in a non crash way with Telemetry - can look at a UI to allow the user to kill the browser afterwards Filed needs telemetry-privacy review. One-off hogs that can run for multiple seconds of minutes:

 cache bug
  • fonts 705287 705258 705594

will meet about cache bugs separately

  • sqlite 704933 699051

"Small" Jank:

  • we need a way to track when we should be painting at a certain rate and aren't. The refresh driver should help here. It will tell us when we're try to paint.
  • Measure animation lag for throbber, progress bars, etc

Jeff will create/add bugs about animation

  • Asa has a list of UI jank to track - see starred items after line 49 - lawrence will file bugs for top issues