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Support Report

From Cww:

Survey of around slowness for Firefox 8.0.1:

keywords: slow, response/respond, freeze

The way this was collected was to look at all the input with the keywords in Firefox 8.0.1 and try to classify them. Some got put into >1 category, some couldn't be classified. Total tweets ~ 200(?)

  • Slow/not responding: 35
  • Memory usage too much: 25
  • Freezing: 17
  • Slow connection (looks like pages take forever to load): 13
  • Short hangs/intermittent short freezes/text takes a long time to show up: 13
  • Slow start: 12
  • Video/flash slowness: 8
  • CPU usage ("makes my whole computer slow"): 6
  • Specific sites: 5
  • Loading Images: 2

A few comments: This is really rough data and it was a lot of subjective guessing on what goes where. I've bolded the categories where it seemed like there was a good sense for what the user was doing when the slowness happened. I chose input for this data because in Firefox 8, we seem to have fixed the main hang issue on SUMO and it's fallen out of the top SUMO issues. None of these are so bad that users head to SUMO to figure out how to fix things. I'd like to do a run through twitter and also compare to historical data to see how our recent releases have changed things.

Progress since last week

  • [2011-11-18] Dietrich coordinating front-end telemetry: find owners for new tab, close tab owned:
    • eta early next week
  • [2011-12-01] fix cache(fix within this development cycle) - Taras/Nick
  • Cache comparison: honza 703764
    • do some wireshark testing of different browser
    • xperf for disk cache efficiency?
    • QA could do this? - lmandel to follow up
  • [2011-11-18] Lawrence talking to support group about what users are complaining about
    • [2011-12-08] Cheng will attend today's meeting and report back later once he has time to look through SUMO data
  • [2011-11-18] Test infrastructure will be pushed on by XXX
    • Drop from actions
  • [2011-12-01] land dom storage + sql timing - Taras?
    • sql timing landed, first data should be today
    • dom storage was blocked on ^
  • [2011-12-01] submit chromehang minidumps with telemetry(less than a week for technical stuff) - Taras
    • Taras talked to Sid, we need a new UI, telemetry isn't sufficient due to amount of private data
  • [2011-12-01] turn on benoit's profiler for developers next week(bug #?) (jrmuizel)
    • with inbound patches works on mac and android, windows port coming soon, working on wiki page with instructions
    • couple of days until Windows (bug 703444)
  • [2011-11-18] Jeff writing gfx harness for fps
  • [2011-12-01] do animation data after profiler is done (Jeff)
  • [2011-12-01] file bugs for product P1 responsiveness issues - lmandel
  • [2011-12-08] Peptest update - ahal


  • UX gripes:
    • New window takes a long time to open, compare to Chrome or Opera
    • After starting the browser, the first door hanger paints in several steps, and the arrow image at the top seems to be slowing it down, maybe it's not loaded up front. Subsequent opening is fast.
    • New/Close Tab/Tab detach/tab move are slow in terms of perception - dietrich
    • "animations stutter" — try closing a lot of tabs, then moving out of the tab bar and see them resize to fill the tab bar again
    • "connecting" in the title of a tab while reloading should be removed, it's visual noise that makes it seem slower.
    • When opening a new tab, it shows "about:home" for a split second, and (for limi) shows a spinner for a split second)
    • Awesomebar: - dietrich
      • Measure awesomebar drawing with camera - who does this, has this equipment, etc? limi
      • don't show progress spinner while typing — overall, our awesomebar results are now fast enough for this spinner to have lost its purpose — even in the cases where it spins for a few seconds and then returns something slightly different, it's usually too late: (FIXED)
      • URL autocomplete like every other browser: (~1 week away from landing if resourced, according to mak?)
    • Scrolling is worse than opera(acceleration, smoothness, and bounce) - (roc)
      • Turn smooth scrolling off for mousewheel
      • Turn on smooth scrolling (turn on on nightlies 198964)
      • make sure high res mousewheel scrolling is hooked up on all platforms
      • tweak how far we scroll, physics
      • hook smooth scrolling to refresh driver(smooth scrolling code needs to be updated to not do this separately)
      • track scrolling performance(roc?)
      • Make a video to demonstrate the problem
      • cameron has been fixing touchpad
      • keyboard repeat drives scrolling rate
      • clicking on down arrow
    • Issues with back/forward being slower than opera
      • bfcache isn't used as frequently as in other browsers? - lmandel to follow up with QA
    • Animation in general (progress spinner animation in particular)
      • dbaron suggestions
      • hook up painting to refresh driver
      • track refreshdriver deadlines