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Snappy Dec. 22 Agenda

Action items

  • [2011-12-01] land dom storage - mak reworking it
    • dom storage was blocked on landing SQL timing(mak reworking it)
    • not going to land in 11, working on bugs
  • [2011-12-01] do animation data after profiler is done (Jeff)
  • [2011-12-08] lmandel to follow up with QA about cache efficiency
  • [2011-12-15] Ehsan can talk to releng about profiling branch (new branch)
    • profiling branch is ready
    • need to set for all of the platforms
    • will test and announce after new years
  • [2011-12-15] need to find someone to own chromehang - taras/lmandel
    • vlad will look at this


Interactivity heuristics - taras, brian (when available)
  • Need an interactive state, bug 712478
  • Measure event loop responsiveness to user input, bug 710935, bbondy will look into it
  • Adaptive tab throttling bug 712731
Front-end Telemetry - Dietrich
  • tab animation telemetry landed: bug 708788
  • getting some pushback on different pieces of front-end telemetry. did SUMO get any useful data about specific complaints?
Fix cache - tglek/Nick
  • bug 695003 (one cause of startup slowness) has landed
  • bug 707436 (another possible cause, unknown how often it occurs, involves main thread IO) is waiting for r+. My gut feeling is that this is a relatively uncommon case, but I have exactly zero data to back that feeling up.
rofiler - jrmuizel
  • hopefully landing code for mac backtrace today
about:jank - jrmuizel
Graphic harness for fps - jrmuizel
  • no news
Nondestructive chromehang - tglek, bsmedberg
  • bug 706916
  • lmandel following up with Ted Mielczarek
Snappy Scrolling - Jared
  • Working on fixing up tests that were dependent on smooth scrolling disabled. should be able to put a patch up for review today to enable smooth scrolling by default. after that lands, i will focus on fixing/finding-owners-for the dependent bugs
  • bug 710372
  • target FF12
  • (add backend depenencies)
  • Scrolling UX Gripes
    • Scrolling is worse than opera(acceleration, smoothness, and bounce) - (roc)
      • Turn smooth scrolling off for mousewheel or investigate bug 206438
      • Turn on smooth scrolling (turn on on nightlies bug 198964)
      • make sure high res mousewheel scrolling is hooked up on all platforms
      • tweak how far we scroll, physics
      • hook smooth scrolling to refresh driver(smooth scrolling code needs to be updated to not do this separately)
      • track scrolling performance(roc?)
      • Make a video to demonstrate the problem
      • cameron has been fixing touchpad
      • keyboard repeat drives scrolling rate
      • clicking on down arrow
  • To file?: When opening a new tab, it shows "about:home" for a split second, and (for limi) shows a spinner for a split second)
Interruptible JS engine - Luke
  • Substantial issues raid in bug 384412 comment 77. Investigating whether there is simple mitigation.
Peptest - ahal, mcote
  • wrote peptest with javascript.options.mem.log for bug 702495; included GC/CC output with peptest unresponsiveness logs
Font chromehang fixes - John
  • collection of bugs found when turned on chromehang
  • John will aim to have fix reviewed by aurora branch day
  • Given the value of this fix might land it on aurora
Slow SQL Telemetry - Vlad
  • deployed
  • waiting for metrics frontend
  • need better writeup about when/how to file reports from Slow SQL about:telemetry
  • paste your SQL query in #perf and they'll help you figure out how to file
Awesomebar - dietrich
  • Measure awesomebar drawing with camera - who does this, has this equipment, etc? limi
  • don't show progress spinner while typing
    • overall, our awesomebar results are now fast enough for this spinner to have lost its purpose
    • even in the cases where it spins for a few seconds and then returns something slightly different, it's usually too late: bug 702926 (FIXED)
    • URL autocomplete like every other browser: bug 566489 (~1 week away from landing if resourced, according to mak?)
Back/forward slowness - lmandel, taras
  • Issues being slower than Opera
  • bfcache isn't used as frequently as in other browsers?
    • ahughes looking for QA resource to start testing next week
Animation - Jeff
  • progress spinner animation in particular
    • dbaron suggestions
      • hook up painting to refresh driver
      • track refreshdriver deadlines
  • bug 593680 - Tab animation perf issue - need an owner
Profiling branch - ehsan
  • branch ready
  • will do some testing in the coming days
  • will probably announce it in January

Inline autocomplete update? - David Dahl bug 566489