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Snappy Jan. 19 Minutes

Action Items

No outstanding actions

About Snappy priority

  • Snappy is high priority project for 2012
    • Responsiveness is specifically called out on the Firefox 2012 roadmap
  • We need you dedicated to this project and spending time working on issues
    • Speak with Asa and Lawrence for any priority/staffing issues, we will help get you the time that you need

New Snappy issues


Better DOM event/task scheduling - taras, bz, nathan(telemetry)
  • bug 712478: Add interactive states(needs owner):
    • user-interacting: using is actively scrolling, clicking, entering fullscreen(bug 715592), etc
    • user-might-interact: ie mouse moved recently, might be followed by a click, do not schedule low priority timers within 50ms
  • bug 715376 & bug 715378: schedule background tab activity to be less disruptive
  • bug 715380 to measure above problem + track progress (nathan)
  • bug 717659 for tracking reflows in background tab
  • Avoiding reflowing when scrolling (bug 715584)
  • throttle parsing tasks while loading background tabs(html5 parser work bug#)
  • some new telemetry, taras to follow up with jst
Interactivity heuristics - taras, mccr8, brian (when available)
  • reduce frequency of cycle collector when slow (bug 710496)
  • try to disable cycle collection, gc, while user-interactive (bug 698547)
  • no update
Super-slow-startup investigations - vlad, taras, dietrich
  • Main bug bug 701872
  • network cache still a problem?
  • a lot of slow startups seem to indicate we load pages before we paint: bug 715402
  • Getting more Telemetry data from xstevens
  • not much progress, need to analyze new data set
Front-end - Dietrich
  • Telemetry - no update, going to hammer on this at Perf work week, when everyone is in the same room
  • Inline autocomplete: bug 566489 - landed on inbound today - BIG WIN!
  • Session Restore
    • Making saves async, and breaking up work into smaller bits: bug 708488
    • Performant domStorage persistence, stalled while Tim works on NewTab: bug 669603
    • Turn on restore-on-demand by default, in reviews: bug 708585
  • Places
  • Async Clearing of recent history: bug 699860
  • Async FormAutocomplete in reviews: bug 566746
  • move search service to json: bug 699856
Fix cache - tglek/Nick
  • waiting on locks still an issue (bug 717761)
  • big cache push coming in necko work week
Profiler - jrmuizel
  • Stackwalking+Symbolication works out of the box with a mac64 nightly-profiling build + latest extension
  • Ehsan landed an important patch for stackwalking on windows, symbolication isn't done
  • Jeff landed more labels, this give us better information
  • Have plans to get samples associated with document urls
  • sfink is investigating interleaving C++/JS stack in profiling unwind, still far off

need help with js programming (need a description so we can match up someone to help)

jank - jrmuizel
Paint telemetry - jrmuizel
  • Have some early patches, but I want to make the performance cost lower
  • I'm worried that the data will be too noisy though
  • john almost done with graphics telemetry
Nondestructive chromehang - vlad
  • First draft complete bug 712109 (patch not landed yet)
  • Getting PCs from stack + module addresses & PDB signatures
  • Working on server side
Snappy Scrolling - Jared
  • 1/19 update: bug 198964 and bug 675015 have been fixed, working on bug 710373, need to find an owner for bug 702463
  • bug 710372
  • (add backend dependencies)
  • Scrolling UX Gripes
    • Scrolling is worse than opera(acceleration, smoothness, and bounce) - (roc)
      • Turn smooth scrolling off for mousewheel or investigate
      • Smoothscroll should be replaced by 'smoothwheel' extension - bug 206438
      • Suppress synthetic mouse events due to scrolling until the scroll is complete bug 675015 - Fixed by tnikkel
      • Turn on smooth scrolling (turn on on nightlies bug 198964) - Fixed
      • make sure high res mousewheel scrolling is hooked up on all platforms
      • tweak how far we scroll, physics
      • hook smooth scrolling to refresh driver(smooth scrolling code needs to be updated to not do this separately) - bug 702463 - (jwir3 has said he can take it but doesn't have much time)
      • track scrolling performance(roc?)
      • Make a video to demonstrate the problem
      • cameron has been fixing touchpad
      • keyboard repeat drives scrolling rate
      • clicking on down arrow button on scrollbar should move a larger distance -bug 710373 - in progress by Jared
Make clicking quickly at the same location to close multiple tabs actually work (gavin, jared)
  • bug 649216
  • Current status as of 1/12: Patch has been reviewed by gavin, waiting for fryn to submit new patch
  • will ping fryn
Peptest - mcote
  • aki verified changes, seems ok. he has a patch for review with the necessary changes (bug 700415) FIXED
  • mcote looking into getting SPS info into peptest
Font chromehang fixes - John
  • collection of bugs found when turned on chromehang
  • John will aim to have fix reviewed by aurora branch day - complete?
  • Given the value of this fix might land it on aurora - status?
Slow SQL Telemetry - Vlad
  • slow sql telemetry pushed back to Firefox 12, bug 708962
  • Deadlock & automated test fixes committed to m-c. Do we need to do anything to nominate the slow sql patches for the next Aurora?
Back/forward slowness - lmandel, taras, ahughes
CC/GC pauses
  • patch landed for cc pause times, testing


  • Performance work week Jan 30 - Feb 6