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Action Items

  • bug 711193. Turn on "don't load tabs until selected"
  • bug 717761. Network cache lock-nuking is in progress
  • Content team looking into timer combining and js accounting. Expect an update week of Feb 23rd.
  • Taras will follow up with mccr8/smaug about avoiding extreme CC lag.


  • bug 671038: front-end telemetry meta bug
  • bug 699820: Storage IO meta bug
  • bug 669034: Session Restore meta bug
  • bug 593680: Tab animation meta bug
  • bug 711193: Restore-on-demand by default (needs telemetry, which felipe is working on, and a decision)
  • Places
    • bug 704025: Rewrite frecency to make it less IO heavy (needs owner)
    • bug 725821: Avoid scanning all the pages table for each awesomebar matching, separate FTS engine to restrict the resultset (needs owner)
    • bug 519514: Async bookmarking API to avoid Sync hanging the UI (needs owner)
  • bug 699860: Async Clearing of recent history (needs owner)
  • bug 566746: Async FormAutocomplete in reviews (owned, needs new patch)
  • bug 699856: Move search service to json (needs new patch)
  • bug 699859: Async content preferences (needs new patch)
  • bug 521264: Don't use file.exists() when not necessary (needs unbitrot and retest)
  • bug 649216: Clicking quickly at the same location should close multiple tabs (previous owner may be able to come back to this - follow up)
  • Bug 710373 - Pressing the vertical slider down arrow with smooth scrolling should move three lines instead of one (Jared)
Startup optimizations - bbondy
 * Needs review comments implemented, bug 725444 - 10-15ms in AudioSession
 * Other opts for nsLocalFileWin, would also like to profile nsLocalFileUnix later
 * Profiling manifest parsing
 * Searching for other startup pain points
 * Investigate delayed loading of dynamic libraries
 * Tweak preload code for when prefetch is disabled
  • Landed, or landing today:
 * bug 724177 - 30-50ms (5%) Firefox startup optimization on Windows in nsLocalFileWin
 * bug 724256 - Optimize move file calls on Windows, saving about 2ms per call 
 * bug 722225 - Firefox startup speed by 70ms on Windows by optimizing D3D10CreateDevice1
 * bug 722315 - Firefox startup speed by by 76ms on Windows lazy load CLSID_DragDropHelper
 * bug 724203 - Optimize nsLocalFile::IsDirectory on Windows giving 5ms startup improvement
 * bug 724207 - Save 15-20ms on startup from unused file attributes fetch when opening files
  • Needs reviews:
 * bug 692255 - Find a way to get rid of prefetch files on Windows for faster startup

Peptest - mcote

  • bug 719618: first patch landed for removing peptest network access, second should land in a day or two
  • bug 719511: mozharness bug landed, backed out, ready to land again
  • should have peptest back on try in a week, hopefully


  • first step is bug 689623, tnikkel is working on it now