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Snappy May 24 Status Update (no meeting this week)


  • lmandel to follow up with paul about persona slowness
    • Done. See persona slowness project update below.
  • vlad to follow up on super slow start-up for app in WebRT
  • lmandel to bring up gecko cache testing on dev call
  • lmandel to follow up with ops about symbolication server
    • Update from BenWa: server is deployed
  • lmandel to follow up with christina about usefulness of peptest
    • Started conversation. Christina has responded requesting details.


  • Australis tab strip - Jared and Frank
    • Spent some time getting the new tab design implemented on Windows.
    • Still have maybe a week and a half before we can get it up for review.
    • No computed borders or gradients in this design, so we hope that it will be a little faster.


Persona slowness(ehsan/paul)

Results from the past week
  • Paul is leaving Mozilla in ~ 1 week. Need to find a new owner for this work
  • Resizing the image but haven't managed to make Firefox actually use the resized image. There's still a non-trivial chunk of work that needs to be done.

Super-slow-startup investigations - vlad, taras

Results from the past week
  • bug 752868 (one aspect of add-ons manager SQLite slowness) fixed

Fix cache - hurley

Results from the past week
  • Reviews continue on bug 722034. All 8 patches have been through this round of review. One needs rework, one has been suggested to be moved to bug 746018 (which blocks bug 722034, and all its patches are r+ but has inexplicably not yet landed)
Todo this week
  • Continue trying to drive patches to final r+ and land these bugs

GC pause reduction - billm

Results from the past week

CC pause reduction - smaug, mccr8 (meta bug 698919)

Results from the past week
  • no update