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Snappy Aug 9 Minutes


No action items


  • We should look at the start-up regression in bug 778718
  • We should block obviously crap add-ons ala bug 777266
    • Asa is already looking into this
  • Q3 goal for Frontend
    • [action] Gavin will look to add a goal
  • mozcamp Sept. 8-9, Snappy work week Sept 10-15 (taras to send agenda to gavin)
  • bug 774949 - Do not validate JARs by default, provide async APIs to do so


Various frontend bugs (ttaubert)

Results from the past week
  • Landed bug 728294 - Analyze cycle collection logs after test runs to detect leaks
  • Landed bug 779618 - [Page Thumbnails] make tabbrowser use the thumbnail service
  • Ready to land bug 753448 - [New Tab Page] preload newtab pages in the background and swap them in when opening a new tab (will be landed pref'ed off because it regresses a couple of talos tests)
  • Filed bug 779960 - Don't wait for the mouse pointer to rest before revealing the statuspanel when hovering a link (and attached a patch, still undecided if we want this)
Todo this week
  • bug 780123 - [New Tab Page] Use the hiddenWindow to preload a single newtab page that then serves multiple windows

Tab switch performance - jrmuizel

Results from the past week
  • Filed bug 781588
  • Spent a bit of looking/thinking about one of the bottlenecks in the cairo gdi backend that is a good chunk of painting time (bug 781591)

Better DOM event/task scheduling - nathan (telemetry)

Results from the past week
  • Discussion about posted patches, looks like there's still some work to do. No official r+/-, though.
Todo this week
  • More work.

Front-end - Gavin, Jared and Frank (Australis tab strip)

Todo this week
  • Neil is going to step back from the few specific bugs he was looking into and investigate layout flushing during tab switches in general

Fix cache - hurley, bbondy

Results from the past week
  • No update, pending review for the past week: bug 777328 - Gather telemetry data for how much cache corruption reduction plan would help
  • bug 731307 Patrick working on main thread IO related to proxies.

Profiler - jrmuizel/BenWa/Ehsan (and more)

Results from the past week
  • Progress on using the debug protocol for profiling
  • Have a patch for adding the img url to profiles
  • A bunch of Boot2Gecko work

Peptest - mcote, ahal

Results from the past week
  • various mozbase bugs that were causing bustage now fixed
  • peptest now unhidden by default in tbpl for all platforms
  • mozharness patch which allows peptest to use content heavy websites reviewed and awaiting landing
Todo this week
  • land mozharness patch (waiting on aki)
  • land tests that make use of the content heavy sites

GC pause reduction - billm, jcoppeard

Results from the past week
  • bug 743112 - Incrementally release C++ held by dead JS. Usually fairly short (10ms or so?), but when tearing down pages it can take quite a while.

Move DOM Storage off main thread - vlad

Results from the past week
  • Tested out my changes: benefits from writing out DB changes asynchronously & prefetching data at page load
Todo this week
  • Test out trickier edge cases (max data stored in DB, flushing out data on shutdown, etc)