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Snappy Sep 20, 2012 Minutes


  • Gavin will write down Q3 frontend goal
  • Should follow regression on release, see if it's still there to rule out code causes vs environment causes
  • Taras to outreach with Twitter on bug 784920, twitter is causing sync layout which harm the browser when the tab is in the background
  • wlach will revew and compare to eideticker for desktop


  • How should we fix image decoding? OMT? Delayed loading?
  • CSS animation start jank - ping david baron (bug 753139)
  • bug 792527 - bas to add Telemetry


Tab switch performance - jrmuizel

Results from the past week


  • bug 788794 - Speed up final layers paint by 25x without hardware accelerated on Aero glass
  • bug 791305 - Speed up color conversion from YUV to RGB of uncolor corrected images using NEON & SSE2

Not landed

  • bug 781588 - Some work has happened but seems to have paused

- lmandel to follow up on this bug

Todo this week
  • bug 792199 - Only decode visible images immediately when switching to a tab - more immediately useful than bug 689623

Profiler - jrmuizel/BenWa/Ehsan (and more)

Results from the past week
  • Glandium/past have landed several to support the profiling protocol. A few more issues outstanding being tracked in bug 792855
  • Getting interesting results back from eideticker profiling. Found 2 startup problems accounting for 0.5 seconds on a new profile (bug 789185, bug 789193) and variable imgur reflow time (bug 791744)
Todo this week
  • Fixing a hang while profiling Fennec and openning the tab strip
  • Working on syncing frames with profiles with wlach.

Tools and Automation: Eideticker, talos, peptest - mcote, ahal, wlach

Todo this week
  • Goals w.r.t automation in Q4
  • For Peptest: tab switching, cc over a specific amount of time
  • vs Eideticker for desktop