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Snappy Oct 4, 2012 Minutes


  • Gavin will write down Q3 frontend goal
    • update for Q4 goal
  • Outreach with Twitter on bug 784920, twitter is causing sync layout which harm the browser when the tab is in the background
    • No progress
  • wlach will revew and compare to eideticker for desktop
  • bug 792527 - bas to add Telemetry
  • CSS animation start jank - jeff/ehsan to ping david baron (bug 753139)
  • bug 781588 - Some work has happened but seems to have paused, lmandel to follow up
    • bug has been fixed
  • wlach to determine what time he has to work on Eideticker for desktop this quarter
    • can you work with jaws to see if Camtasia Studio can be used a software-only capture solution for eideticker



Tab switch performance - jrmuizel

Results from the past week
Todo this week
  • Not sure

Profiler - jrmuizel/BenWa/Ehsan (and more)

Results from the past week
  • The addon is on AMO! We're at 29 daily users and trending up :) (
  • We integrated a JS-only version of the profiler with the DevTools, we're still discussing how and what we're going to ship (bug 795268)
  • Julian is progressing with the breakpad unwinder (bug 779291)
  • Benoit, Jimb, Past, glandium scoped out more work for b2g profiler support including changes to the remote debugging protocol (meta bug 758697).

Tools and Automation: Eideticker, talos, peptest - mcote, ahal, wlach

Results from the past week

Chrome hang reports - vlad

Results from the past week
  • bug 661881: about:telemetry integration with chrome hangs, UX feedback, etc. Screenshots and builds in bug