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Snappy Oct 25, 2012 Status (no meeting this week)


  • lmandel to outreach with Twitter on bug 784920, twitter is causing sync layout which harm the browser when the tab is in the background
  • lmandel to follow up with Bas about bug 792527
  • lmandel to follow up with dbaron about CSS animation start jank (bug 753139)
  • lmandel to speak with ashughes about qa to narrow regression on mac for bug 801509 - tab draggin regression on mac



Tab switch performance - jrmuizel

Results from the past week
  • [Dao] Landed bug 752376 which removes some expensive layout flushes when switching tabs if the user isn't overflowing their tabbar.

Front-end - Gavin, Jared and Frank (Australis tab strip)

Results from the past week
  • [Jared] Landed bug 804968 which fixes jank where our awesomebar popup would appear then disappear while typing in the location bar. We were flushing layout for the top and bottom result on each adjustment to the awesomebar results, those flushes weren't necessary for each time, they're now skipped after the first pass in the browser session.

Profiler - jrmuizel/BenWa/Ehsan (and more)

Results from the past week

Move DOM Storage off main thread - vlad

Results from the past week
  • bug 802920: Landed additional Telemetry on current performance of LocalStorage
  • Split LocalStorage DBs into separate per-domain flat files. I tried splitting this into a smaller patch that would work with the current LocalStorage but it's tricky merging data in SQL tables with data in flat files during partial updates. Change will land with rest of LocalStorage refactor
  • Changed LocalStorage refactor approach to not use any explicit locking
Todo this week
  • Write migrator for LocalStorage data from SQLite into per-domain flat files
  • Refactor current code to work with new backend, submit patch

Flash Hang UI - aklotz, vlad

Results from the past week
  • Met with bsmedberg
Todo this week
  • Start work on prototype