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Snappy Nov 1, 2012 Minutes


  • lmandel to outreach with Twitter on bug 784920, twitter is causing sync layout which harm the browser when the tab is in the background
    • lmandel spoke with a couple of people from twitter via twitter and we should see some action in the bug
  • lmandel to follow up with Bas about bug 792527
    • lmandel pinged bas in the bug
    • jrmuizel: the bug that Bas is working on is bug 509052
  • lmandel to follow up with dbaron about CSS animation start jank(bug 753139)
    • taras followed up with dbaron. answer in the bug.
  • lmandel to speak with ashughes about qa to narrow regression on mac for bug 801509 - tab dragging regression on mac
    • pinged ashughes in the bug
  • [new] have lmandel talk to UX to about flash hang detection UI
  • [new] jrmuizel to create GFX prioritization for workweek
  • [new] jrmuizel to write story about how much time gfx calls contribute to tab switch
  • [new] taras to start discussion about changing what hardware people managers/etc run
  • [new] taras? to set-up an opt-in add-on to report privacy-invasive telemetry on tabswitch/etc (to help track down worst perf offenders)
  • [new] meet later today to test social issues on beta



Tab switch performance - jrmuizel

Results from the past week

Profiler - jrmuizel/BenWa/Ehsan (and more)

Results from the past week
  • The profiler URL retains the selection. This means that you can now focus on an area of interest when linking the bug without stripping away info.


Move DOM Storage off main thread - vlad

Results from the past week
  • bug 802920: Landed new Telemetry measurements for DOM storage performance
  • bug 807016: Replace SQLite in LocalStorage with per-domain flat files
  • bug 807018: Migrator for LocalStorage data from SQLite into per-domain flat files
Todo this week
  • Measure performance benefits of flat files vs SQLite
  • bug 807021: Created bug for moving LocalStorage off main-thread (depends on above)

Flash Hang UI - aklotz, vlad

Results from the past week
  • Created bug 805591: Add UI to be shown when plugin is unresponsive. Curently fleshing out IPC protocol for helper process
Todo this week
  • Get browser firing off helper process and sending over data via IPC when plugin in hung