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Snappy Jan 10, 2013 Minutes


No actions.


  • Proxy support broken on Mac in FF18, uses 150% cpu bug 828761, lmandel to ping release drivers
  • Work week in Paris Mar 18-22, 2013
  • focus on start-up io
    • xperf needs to work
    • library merging(give ehsan a bug)


Startup & Shutdown

benwa, vladan, rafael, bbondy, yoric

  • Infinity is analyzing 3 months of chrome hang data for correlation between slow start-ups & add-ons
  • bug 818739 - don't run CC on shutdown - has dropped mean shutdown times by 30%
  • Search service metadata loading/migration is now async (yoric - bug 760036)
  • Session store loading is now async (yoric - bug 532150)
  • bug 815418: telemetry on 'firefox is running but not responding': landed today
  • Reviewed performance consequences of FHR
  • Move the rest of search service initialization to async (yoric)

Review files read at start-up + investigate 30% increase in startup times over past year as measured by Talos (vladan)

Tab Strip (tab switch)

jrmuizel, bas, avi

  • bug 820167 (landed): allows logging of tab animation framerates and paint times.
  • bug 826383 (awaits review): enhance frames recording for concurrent consummers.
  • bug 828097 (WIP): add telemetry for tab animation smoothness.
  • bug 738491 (australis), bug 752839 (newtab preload), bug 824845 (HW accel is slow): Provide measurements, some analysis for various cases.

Content (GC, CC, DOM storage, flash hang, DOM event/task scheduling)

billm, jcoppeard, smaug, mccr8, aklotz

  • bug 807021: Landed LocalStorage refactor on Nightly channel
  • bug 785493: Reduce size of steady state cycle collector graph by about 80% (mccr8)
  • bug 821371: Include prep work in cycle collector pause time telemetry (mccr8)
  • bug 820378: Delay CC if we're in the middle of a GC, to allow async CC prep (smaug)
  • bug 827471: Remove more wrapped JS from the CC graph (smaug)
  • bug 705371: Remove pointless JSContexts from the CC graph (smaug)
  • bug 805591: Plugin Hang UI made it in before merge, now in aurora
  • bug 828103: Add plugin hang ui to hangs that occur when launching plugin-container

Temporary and Severe Browser Hangs (front-end, downloads, chromehang fixes, scrolling, prefs, slow sql)

gavin, ttaubert, jared, frank, john, yoric, irving

  • Run my chrome-hang analysis script on the latest data (vladan)

Add-on and Web page introduced slowness (add-on manager start-up)


  • add-on telemetry landed

Tools (profiler, eideticker, peptest, talos)

benwa, jrmuizel, ahal, mcote, wlach