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Snappy Jan 17, 2013 Status (no meeting this week)


No actions.


  • Vladan reviewed Firefox Health Report for performance impact, filed bugs, meetings, etc. See meta bug 828152
  • Vladan investigated why Firefox 18 performed so poorly on a benchmark for loading 9 tabs simultaneously
    • The profile I captured pointed to a variety of known performance issues in font loading, plugins, page reflows and network cache. Bugs + deeper analysis coming.


Startup & Shutdown

benwa, vladan, rafael, bbondy, yoric

  • bug 830694 should fix a regression in session restore startup (bug 830435)

Content (GC, CC, DOM storage, flash hang, DOM event/task scheduling)

billm, jcoppeard, smaug, mccr8, aklotz

  • New bug 830910 slow script warning does not account for plugin hangs
  • bug 822051: Flash hangs on unsuspend

Temporary and Severe Browser Hangs (front-end, downloads, chromehang fixes, scrolling, prefs, slow sql)

gavin, ttaubert, jared, frank, john, yoric, irving

  • bug 789975: Helped investigate long pause while collecting telemetry info on main thread. jlebar has a patch
  • bug 827852 - Investigating how to decrease jank by backgrounding serialization of history
  • bug 829904 - Investigating how to decrease jank by backgrounding collection of session restore data