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Snappy Feb 7, 2013 Minutes


  • vladan to send lmandel list of slow sql add-ons for follow-up with add-ons team
    • done
  • benwa to send lmandel list on slow shutdown add-ons for follow-up with add-on team



Startup & Shutdown

  • Bad stuff on timers
    • bug 822849 We no longer run GC/CC on a timer on shutdown
    • bug 833087 Have a patch in progress to stop progressively loading font on startup
  • ~150 slow shutdown profiles. Several 20 second + shutdown
  • Don't do any CC-related work before the first GC on startup (smaug)
  • bug 827976: Create hidden windows lazily (startup improvement). Need to figure out why Talos numbers not showing expected improvement except for Android
  • bug 833917 & bug 834003: Report on impact of disabling PGO on Telemetry data
  • Looking into better grouping raw Telemetry data for more meaningful tracking of startup times
  • Get a dump of raw Telemetry pings, check for late writes + "profile locked" measurements
  • implement bug 838279 (aklotz)

Tab Strip (tab switch)

  • Tab animation smoothness telemetry got r+, should land soon (bug 828097).
  • Tab animation performance suffers from 100% gradient cache misses (bug 837542), may also result in big memory spike during tab resize or animation (single cach item might be using a lot of memory on some cases - HD4000)
  • Improving cache hits and using hacky 1px tiles - paints twice as fast (bug 835284)
  • Improve gradients cache hits by changing cache key (bug 838758)
    • Windows with Intel GPU is specifically bad, bad when resizing window eats 5Mb/s (?) while resizing, doesn't use gradient cache
  • Check if using rasterized tiles (bug 826422) and caching them (bug 835284) are still required (depends on bug 838758).
  • possibly look into caching SVG rasters (for australis) (bug 764299).
  • possibly look into newtab page perf (this seems the biggest bottleneck on a slow system)
  • determine if we are not shutting down on tresize (bug 798219)

Content (GC, CC, DOM storage, flash hang, DOM event/task scheduling)

  • Bumping Plugin Hang UI Timeout from 5 seconds to 11 seconds
  • bug 834127: Plugin Hang UI hangs mostly resolved in testing, but still happen occasionally when Windows DefWindowProc tries to synchronously send non-client mouse messages to IME window in hung Flash process. Going to attempt to hook those and suppress them during Hang UI

Add-on and Web page introduced slowness (add-on manager start-up)

  • Landed, backed out, revised, waiting for review on bug 810146 (telemetry probes)
  • bug 837212 (TelemetryTimestamps test conversion) r+, waiting for bug 810146

Tools (profiler, eideticker, peptest, talos)