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Snappy Mar 7, 2013 Minutes


  • [DONE] benwa to send lmandel list on slow shutdown add-ons for follow-up with add-on team
  • Irving to test what happens when an add-on switches from unpacked to packed (look at ABP specifically)
  • Taras: talk about PICL perf review



Startup & Shutdown

  • bug 845907: Abstracted readahead functions have landed. As a result:
  • bug 810454: A/B test for cookie readahead landed in m-c this morning
  • bug 810151: Ordered jar file readahead - 60% drop in omni.ja startup read time on Windows test. Landed in inbound yesterday, was backed out due to suspected xpcshell orange. Will resolve ASAP.

Tab Strip (tab switch)

  • bug 829952 (slow touchpad scroll): testcase to measure cross-browser + blogged.
  • landed bug 842967 (refresh driver can retarget a timestamp).
  • bug 590422 (Remove timer filter): landed, backed out: lots of backfire from timing-related regressions:
    • bug 845943 (fix talos tscroll) - close to finish.
    • bug 749894 (Mochitest orange) -> research -> 10% failures due to disabled high-res timer on XP on 25% of the cases -> 1. test could be improved. 2. regression of bug 822490 (simplify windows timestamp) -> elevated bug 836869 (improve high-res timer detection hueristics - Honza Bambas). Still not decided if low-res timer should pass or fail this test (right now it sometimes fail).
  • (update - mconley): Australis on par with default theme, they moved on to refinements, mconley will occasionally check perf to make sure no regressions.
  • (update - ttaubert) newtab performance: XUL is expensive, consider CSS3.
  • keep killing regressions of bug 590422.
  • bug 829952 (slow touchpad scroll): talk to masayuki, he has ideas for improvements, see where it stands.

Temporary and Severe Browser Hangs (front-end, downloads, chromehang fixes, scrolling, prefs, slow sql)

  • Final patches for bug 566746 (async form history) posted (including test fixes)
  • bug 820834 landed (about:home storage refactor)

Add-on and Web page introduced slowness (add-on manager start-up)

  • Found bug 844958, bug 845921
  • Filed bug 846921 for detailed add-on telemetry, got redirected into FHR
  • Discussions with felipe et. al. about next steps for add-on manager improvement
  • File bugs and finalize design for converting AddonManager.jsm and XPIProvider.jsm from sqlite to JSON
  • vladan to follow up with jorge about slow add-ons

Page Load (cache, dns)

  • Putting up full page load tests to test more than networking layer
  • WIP patches for cache, e-mail try build to taras and vladan

Tools (profiler, eideticker, peptest, talos)

  • SymbolicationServer & Profiler extension to support symbolicating Thunderbird & other apps
  • bug 837724: comparison of Telemetry histograms during a Talos run from a PGO MSVC2010 build versus a non PGO MSVC2012 build
  • Improving security of the profiler add-on for AMO. Parameters are chrome controlled but are passed directly to the shell. I have patches to escape them correctly.
  • Worked with intel to support MSR/power profiling.
  • Discussed with Vlad the profiling needs for Gaming. Planning to focus on Multi-thread/Multi-process support, runtime overhead, JS frame sizes, and delimiting frames and transaction in frames.
  • JS Team is looking into adding profiling support to Baseline & asm.js
  • Pending feedback: bug 832664 (Efficient, async JSON serialize/deserialize)
  • Mentoring: bug 848278 (Measuring performance of OS.File operations)
  • bug 788495: Reproducing crash in js::SPSProfiler::JMChunkInfo::convert, fix in bug 832812 making it hard although I still get the odd crash once per day