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Snappy Dashboard

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ID Summary Priority Status
386396 investigate if we can push filtering down into a sql query, instead of filtering at FilterResultSet() P3 REOPENED
420534 dump() on OS X ends up in /var/log/system.log -- NEW
421128 Independent windows/tabs should not starve each other for network connections P3 NEW
422321 Components.utils.import() should inject exported objects into scope as lazy getters -- NEW
430106 Very bad tab-switching performance with large image in page (hang) -- NEW
435628 100% CPU on Progressive JPEG & Interlaced PNG when gfx.color_management (qcms) is enabled P3 NEW
484928 improve efficiency of IsVisited checks to speed up link coloring P3 NEW
486408 Firefox "Applications" preference pane is really slow to load; does 2x the work it realy needs to; blocks UI thread on disk access -- NEW
490714 Asynchronous API for opening container query nodes P3 NEW
499985 Sorting of query results should be done entirely in SQL P3 NEW
513149 Speed up css parsing(Add telemetry probes to measure extent of problem) -- NEW
519514 [meta] Add an asynchronous bookmarking API P3 NEW
521264 don't use file.exists() when not necessary -- REOPENED
530236 nsNavHistoryFolderResultNode sorting should be done entirely in SQL P3 NEW
535623 Improve hunspell's FileMgr implementation to reduce the I/O cost -- NEW
542144 package and ship already JIT'd chrome JavaScript -- NEW
551427 Whole browser should not hang while download file is built/scanned -- NEW
559729 Meta-bug: improve HTTP cache P3 NEW
572459 [meta] Tracking: Bad IO Patterns -- NEW
593680 [meta] Tab animation perf issues P5 NEW
609042 Workers: Don't let events posted from workers drown the main thread -- ASSIGNED
611837 Meta: Don't fsync on startup -- NEW
627208 Preload startup cache -- NEW
628315 Bookmark sync: use SQL for all read operations -- NEW
629507 Make keyboard scrolling the same speed as scroll-arrow scrolling -- NEW
630015 some of the text typed in find bar doesn't show up while page is loading -- NEW
633157 Less smooth tab close animation with Direct2D enabled -- NEW
638660 Use background thread for parallel marking. -- NEW
648789 Opening new tab causes makes tab overflow scroll buttons appear momentarily (flicker) if New Tab button isn't placed right after tabs P3 NEW
653013 GC: Invent a better traversal API for the cycle collector and JS_DumpHeap -- NEW
662397 Reorder xul.dll based on startup -- NEW
668653 Event loop telemetry -- NEW
670183 perhaps DOMOperationCallback should be more ambitious with its script-killing -- NEW
672284 Consider bypassing safebrowsing checks on Session restore P5 REOPENED
675866 Meta: scrolling complex pages like Engadget is consistently slower and jerkier than the competition -- NEW
683284 [meta] Images suck the snap out of Firefox (memory, flicker, decode/discard heuristics) -- NEW
684646 Detect Common performance problems and warn user -- NEW
692979 Need more disk cache telemetry P5 NEW
694014 Add telemetry for paint time -- NEW
694519 DOM mutation/web sockets combination can lag browser UI P5 NEW
695693 editor is laggy in current nightlies -- NEW
699144 Scrolling new gmail is really slow -- NEW
699820 [meta] Eradicate Storage main-thread synchronous API users from the codebase P3 NEW
702485 [d2d] Windowed Flash Video drops frames (Youtube) -- UNCONFIRMED
702509 Need an api to analyze drawing framerates -- NEW
702668 CPU at 100% when trying to open -- NEW
703436 Firefox hung with CheckForSurface and ForEachFontInternal -- NEW
703455 Firefox hangs for 10 seconds while loading IRCCloud -- NEW
703668 Track caret responsiveness via telemetry -- NEW
704025 Replace "buckets-and-sampling" frecency algorithm with "exponential decay" algorithm P3 NEW
706250 Many short unresponsive periods when loading The Daily What P5 NEW
706919 Investigate being able to measure when we're not meeting animation deadlines. -- NEW
706957 Firefox unusable for long period of time -- NEW
707374 Add telemetry to measure svg decoding/rendering time -- NEW
707391 Categorize time away from event loop -- NEW
709181 first doorhanger after startup opens slowly -- NEW
710359 Implement benchmark to measure jank caused by background tabs -- NEW
710372 [meta] [snappy] smooth scrolling -- NEW
710927 Track web page event/task costs in terms of cpu time P5 NEW
711465 Reconsider DOM session storage behavior -- NEW
711880 nsInputStreamChannel::OpenContentStream defeats DEFER_OPEN optimization for file streams by calling Available on the main thread P3 NEW
711881 nsXMLHttpRequest::Send defeats DEFER_OPEN optimization for file streams by calling Available on the main thread P3 NEW
711883 HttpBaseChannel::ExplicitSetUploadStream defeats DEFER_OPEN optimization for file streams by calling Available on the main thread P3 NEW
711884 nsPartialLocalFileInputStream::Init defeats DEFER_OPEN optimization for file streams by calling Seek on the main thread P3 NEW
712478 Need a global "user is now actively interacting with the app" state -- NEW
712731 Adaptive tab activity throttling -- NEW
713220 Page scrolling lag on heavy js site -- UNCONFIRMED
715376 implement per-page event queue, to allow timeout grouping/prioritization/etc P3 NEW
715378 Do cost accounting of setTimeouts to punish cpu hog background tabs P5 NEW
715592 Postpone events that may cause pauses when user has indicated immersive modes (fullscreen etc) -- NEW
715612 creating the DOM for hidden tabs slows down browser startup -- NEW
717561 Get rid of DOMParser::parseFromStream P3 NEW
717564 Get rid of nsISAXXMLReader::parseFromStream -- NEW
718232 transition from maximized to full screen mode should hide toolbar before re-arranging it. -- NEW
718864 huffingtonpost loads up to 50% slower in Firefox than in opera -- NEW
720384 scroll restoration happens far too late -- NEW
720459 Janky scrolling at -- NEW
721236 Concurrent GC marking -- NEW
721273 d2d causes browser to lag severely, especially in powersave mode -- NEW
721336 Ban sync XMLHttpRequest with chrome privileges P3 NEW
721468 Cmd+R causes a js event handler to be run which takes more than 100ms -- NEW
721570 Bad scrolling performance on -- NEW
722294 Janky impress.js transitions -- NEW
722648 We should have an async version of nsIObserver -- NEW
725374 pinwheel for any place page on -- NEW
725851 Throttle/Coalesce Scroll events on OSX with the trackpad -- NEW
726174 fix slow-script dialog proper P3 NEW
728407 [Meta] Runtime leaks caused by chrome -- NEW
728738 glitch in the smooth scroll animation -- NEW
731026 Measure sources of jank during background tab pageload -- NEW
731390 Ensure idle service does not consider time after unsuspend as idle -- NEW
733293 High-resolution WebM video on YouTube stutters -- NEW
733617 add telemetry to determine sync document.load usage P5 NEW
733619 add telemetry to determine XSLT document() usage -- NEW
735690 Idle browser (no pages showing) still uses a small amount of CPU -- NEW
736074 The madvise(MADV_FREE) call we make in arena_run_dalloc to can take between 20%-30% of our time -- NEW
736144 Preload LocalStorage by blocking script tags P5 NEW
740008 [Mac] Opening a new window is slow (>0.5 sec) P3 NEW
740523 Mark likely-leaked windows and documents as black for most CCs -- NEW
742594 [Page Thumbnails] Large jank soon after switching tabs -- NEW
743678 Firefox uses 100% CPU in ipc_mqueue_receive_on_thread etc. -- NEW
744100 Provide an async API for capturing the next redraw -- NEW
744470 Track phantom setTimeouts like slow sql P5 NEW
748305 Sudden huge jank when switching slides -- NEW
748680 Huge GC durations when cpu load is high -- NEW
750871 Fix browser chrome drawing performance with D2D -- ASSIGNED
750892 window.assertLayout(callback,[reflow, flush, etc]) aid -- NEW
752630 Something(refresh driver?) causing a reduction in ctrl+tab drawing rate -- NEW
757812 Slow down async reflows in background tabs P5 NEW
757813 Slow down script evaluation in background tabs. P5 NEW
764983 Investigate if load event firing could be delayed in background tabs P5 NEW
766333 Adblock Plus causes significant pageload slowdown on a page with tens of thousands of images -- NEW
766973 don't allow synchronous DNS queries from the main thread P3 REOPENED
767158 remove synchronous DNS resolution in nsAuthSSPI.cpp P5 REOPENED
768752 Firefox uses 600MB, freezes and becomes completely unusable -- NEW
775698 [Tracking] Remove all synchronous (on the main thread) certificate validation and certificate database access P3 NEW
775912 Smooth scrolling isn't initially smooth because of multiple repaints -- REOPENED
778966 Use a callback to decide when to end an incremental GC slice -- NEW
779960 Don't wait for the mouse pointer to rest before revealing the statuspanel when hovering a link P5 NEW
782072 Regression in browser process shutdown time P3 NEW
784012 nsSound::PlaySound should use a separate thread P3 NEW
784565 nightly hangs in PREF_UnregisterCallback -- NEW
786064 IE10 Chalkboard demo destroys us -- NEW
786486 Moving the cursor on an about:newtab thumbnail causes multiple repaints of the thumbnail -- NEW
786490 Moving the cursor from a submenu to the main Firefox menu causes the entire tabbar to repaint -- NEW
789573 [meta] Tab switching performance tracking bug -- NEW
790207 Scrolling about:memory?verbose in a separate dialog is slow -- NEW
791637 Implement caching for border images -- ASSIGNED
791780 IGC Slices run back to back -- NEW
792527 AlphaBoxBlur paints very slow -- UNCONFIRMED
793018 Resizing sidebar is choppy -- UNCONFIRMED
793114 png decoding contributes to a crappy nokia maps zoom -- NEW
794528 Excessive blog flair on specific site kills browser perf -- NEW
798055 idle 'back' notification is expensive -- NEW
801324 Awful scrolling speed when CSS transforms in view -- NEW
802871 Meta: SVG snappy bugs -- NEW
803582 Usage of OCSP fetching makes Firefox slow P3 NEW
804271 Graphics jank, slow tab switch times while using social -- NEW
807105 Firefox hangs while copy/paste text into Google spreadsheet -- NEW
807408 laggy text entry -- NEW
807791 canvas/jquery huge jank from -- NEW
808104 Speculatively connect to the homepage before opening the first window P3 NEW
808838 3D CSS Periodic table demo is unusably slow in Firefox -- NEW
809043 Add support for off-main thread image encoding -- NEW
810022 Make nsCycleCollector::GCIfNeeded incremental somehow -- NEW
810127 CCLockedOut GCs are a top source of chrome hangs -- NEW
810163 meta:Reduce time between createTopLevelWindow and firstPaint -- NEW
810406 Browser hang while loading Telemetry evolution -- NEW
811474 Watching Facebook photos makes Firefox unusable due to painting -- NEW
811927 Don't use a temporary surface for inactive opacity surfaces if we don't need to -- NEW
814860 Use a tool to simulate a slow drive -- NEW
816607 SessionStore closes all tabs one by one, triggering synchronous reflow each time -- REOPENED
819063 [meta] Shutdown faster -- NEW
822481 Loading XDA developers forum in a tab locks up entire Firefox -- NEW
822713 JS RegExp doesn't call the operation callback (was: Memory reporting for telemetry can cause the main thread to block on workers for an arbitrary amount of time) -- NEW
824113 Excessive repainting when appending some content that isn't in the visible part of the page -- NEW
824845 Hardware acceleration hurts tabstrip paint times -- NEW
827428 Clicking "Show all downloads" can cause main-thread IO while loading icons -- NEW
830910 slow script warning does not account for plugin hangs P3 NEW
832157 Browser considerable slowdown after reaching cache limit. P3 UNCONFIRMED
832694 Over invalidation of SVG with filters embedded via <object> while scrolling the Shadow DOM spec -- NEW
837958 Tabstrip paint performance is poor on the first run of a build -- NEW
837989 Use OS.File for gLastOpenDirectory -- NEW
842777 preload webappsstore.sqlite on first access to warm cache + use CHUNK_SIZE of 1meg P5 NEW
844251 Avoid using system wide GDI Lock causing large hangs -- NEW
844661 Frame scripts use 170+ KB per tab (inProcessTabChildGlobal in about:memory), even for the not-yet-restored tabs -- NEW
846912 Unbearably slow scrolling on -- NEW
846914 13 second Proxy freeze P3 NEW
848132 Wait before declaring the profile is locked P3 NEW
849787 Firefox (Nightly) spams syslogd / var/log/system.log -- REOPENED
850894 Scrolling is markedly slower than Chrome on OS X. Stutterson Firefox -- NEW
854394 Tune main-thread synchronous decodes for multithreaded image decoding -- NEW
856743 CachedFileHolder::Release does I/O on the main thread P3 NEW
856750 Frequent main-thread hangs in nsStreamListenerTee::OnStopRequest P3 NEW
859558 eliminate top font chrome-hangs -- NEW
859655 Printing causes main-thread hangs of multiple seconds -- NEW
859664 Direct3D device initialization hangs for multiple seconds on startup -- NEW
862383 nsFileChannel::nsFileChannel causes expensive lstats P3 NEW
865181 [Storage] Remove unnecessary mutexes from implementation of mozIStorageAsyncConnection P3 NEW
867804 Read-ahead the StartupCache P3 NEW
872980 Progressively limit preferences to 4kB per field -- NEW
884455 Back button sliding janks -- NEW
926160 Support enough features in ArchiveReader to extract xpi -- NEW
943830 Firefox could throw away form (and storage?) data for tabs earlier than URLs and Titles -- NEW
946159 nsSocketTransport::IsAlive does I/O on the main thread P5 NEW
951781 libssl accesses the NSS certificate database during handshake, causing disk I/O to block network activity -- NEW
991003 Session Restore and XUL persistence don't work together due to the order windows are restored -- REOPENED
995736 Delayed tab titles get temporarily replaced with "Connecting…" upon selection -- NEW

188 Total; 188 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);