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Warning signWarning: This page has been replaced by the New Review Guidelines

We should not be rejecting for other reasons such as designs that could be copyright or trademark infringement. Determining copyright or trademark infringement is a complicated legal process and not one where we have enough information to make those determinations. We have a robust DMCA process where copyright or trademark holders can contact Mozilla legal to address any potential problems.

The only things we should be reviewing for are:

Further Explanations


  • this means any obscene or pornographic material;
  • any child pornography or suggestive material;
  • offensive or "hate" content;
  • this includes anything that would not meet a "PG" standard;
  • includes cartoons/drawings/non-photographic material.

If in doubt, reject or escalate for further input but err on the side of escalating questionable offensive content.

With child content, any nudity should be rejected. Areas of concern here also include (a) children's interactions with others, poses, gestures, or other contexts that involve a sexual suggestion or (b) images that, even if not suggestive, may be alluring to pedophiles (eg, Brooke Shields as a child in a tub).

As for what the PG standard means, if it is not appropriate for a child to see, please reject it.


Images that are graphically violent or feature weapons or other images of war (like tanks) must be rejected. Similarly anything relating to Nazism must be rejected.


Anything that "trashes" or ridicules another person or entity or company must be escalated for legal review.


Anything that explicitly or clearly references online gambling should be rejected. If there are suggestions of online gambling, escalate for further input.


You may also reject Personas based on excessive stretching of the image, Personas where the image is all on the left-hand side, or when it is apparent to you without undue research that this is a duplicate of another submission.