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Places Meeting 4pm 12.14.06

<sspitzer> meeting time?
<dietrich> sspitzer: yep!
<Mano> hey all
<dietrich> hi mano, welcome :)
<dietrich> i'll start w/ what i've been up to
<dietrich> working on bug 360134, some schema changes
* firebot has joined #places
<dietrich> still working on the addbookmark dialog
<Mano> firebot: bug 360134
<firebot> Mano: Bug nor,--, Firefox 3 alpha1,, NEW, Bookmarks must be externally uniquely identifiable
<dietrich> also, worked w/ bhearsum to get the places buildbot builds going
<sspitzer> dietrich:  that buildbot stuff is very cool.
<dietrich> he did the hard work though, i just asked nicely :)
<Mano> buildbot?
<dietrich> yeah, super helpful
<dietrich> Mano: i'll forward you the email w/ the info
<Mano> thanks
<sspitzer> all:  I didn't hear about about flipping the switch for --enable-places
<sspitzer> all:  any objections to doing that, on the trunk?
<dietrich> seems ok to me
<Mano> sspitzer: assuming the only enabled view in the history sidebar.
<Mano> s/in/is/
<sspitzer> Mano:  correct, that is the only view enabled
<sspitzer> Mano:  the toolbar, menu, tree (in places.xml, for example) are not enabled unless you do --enable-places-bookmarks
<Mano> Is anyone working on any of those views?
<Mano> the toolbar in particular
<sspitzer> dietrich might be, for his bookmarks dialog
<sspitzer> dmills is using the tree, for his bookmarks sidebar
<sspitzer> I don't think we've gotten to the toolbar yet
<dietrich> Mano: i haven't made any changes to the toolbar yet
<Mano> please let me know if/when you do.
<sspitzer> I think dietrich would be using tree,
<dietrich> addbookmarks uses menu and tree, iirc
<dietrich> anyone else have status on bugs, or any questions?
<sspitzer> Mano has a patch for bug #359462
<firebot> sspitzer: Bug  nor, --, ---,, NEW, context menu delete and keyboard delete (select all, cut, copy, etc) doesn't work in places-based hi
<Mano> the reported issue is fixed
<sspitzer> Mano, since it will benefit dietrich and dmills (and me), do you want to elaborate on the changes you are making to the controller?
<sspitzer> (and the active view stuff?)
<Mano> so, as noted on the bug:
<Mano> I'm replacing the global controller with a controller for each view
<Mano> meaning each view should create its own controller, I've only updated the tree binding to do so
<Mano> also, the places-specific edit commands are removed.
<dietrich> Mano: thanks for the details
<sspitzer> Mano, so this means that we can continue to use the editmenuoverlay
<Mano> the commands from editMenuOverlay.xul are working for the tree view.
<Mano> it may take some time to get this working right for non-focusable views
<sspitzer> like the toolbar?
<Mano> yeah
<sspitzer> very cool!  so the Edit menu menuitems work as expected?
<Mano> afaict.
<sspitzer> I will test when I review the patch.
<sspitzer> one final note, 4p PST is 2AM where Mano lives, should we reschedule to a better time?
<Mano> 2am is fine by me ;)
<dietrich> yikes!
<dietrich> i'm fine w/ moving it to the morning (pst morning)
<sspitzer> Mano:  should we go earlier, 10 am PST?
<Mano> sspitzer: ~2pm would be ok too.
<sspitzer> ~2pm PST, or your time?
<Mano> pst
<sspitzer> that works for me, if it works for you guys.
<dietrich> yep, sounds good
<Mano> thanks.
<sspitzer> ok, i'll update the wiki (with today's notes), indicate the change in time to d.a.f, and get a patch to do --enable-places by default
<dietrich> ok, thanks seth
<dietrich> cya all
<sspitzer> bye dietrich, thanks mano for staying up this late (2am)
<Mano> np. gnight.