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[2:05pm] firebot: dietrich: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, organize bookmarks dialog (for --enable-places-bookmarks) New items don't appear in the tree view as
[2:05pm] Mano: dietrich: it would be nice to have a detailed summary for the backend changes
[2:05pm] dietrich: so not going to block on that
[2:05pm] dietrich: Mano: sure, i'll add a summary to the bug for both the front and back end
[2:05pm] Mano: I think we should
[2:05pm] dietrich: should block on 366136? before landing 360133?
[2:05pm] Mano: block on the view/treeview issues, that is
[2:06pm] Mano: view/treeview/inc. update situation
[2:06pm] dietrich: yeah, it's not specific to treeview, that's how i hit it
[2:07pm] dietrich: i started poking at it w/ the xcode debugger today
[2:08pm] dietrich: no conclusions, other than somethings out of whack in there 
[2:08pm] Mano: dietrich: i debuged this a bit already
[2:08pm] Mano: see notes on the bug
[2:08pm] Mano: not that useful though
[2:08pm] dietrich: yeah i did
[2:08pm] Mano: the macros don't make it any easier
[2:08pm] dietrich: i'll keep looking at it
[2:12pm] dietrich: anything else to update?
[2:13pm] v_thunder: not from me
[2:13pm] v_thunder: I've been in partner-land since last week
[2:16pm] Mano:    
[2:18pm] dietrich: Mano: cool
[2:18pm] v_thunder: hot
[2:18pm] dietrich: are all widgets using shared ctx menu now?
[2:18pm] Mano: yes