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Fx3 Bookmarks/History Meeting Notes

1/11/07 Talking about bookmarks/history features in Fx3, contrasting the themes from the [Places meeting at the Fx Summit] against the [Fx3 Requirements].

This is mostly as talked about in the meeting, with some organization done by me for readability.

theme #1 - making search smarter

  • problem: hard to find bookmarks if you have a lot
  • unify the output of the different locations: urlbar/searchbar/etc to include bookmarks?
  • motivation: can't find what you're looking for
  • NFR - improve discoverability of where you've been before
  • FR - list bookmarks in location bar dropdown
  • FR - "see more" under the last 5 hist entries
  • FR - sort location bar dropdown by MRU (if user uses bms, then put those first, if stars, else history)
  • FR - sort location bardropdown by MRVisited (and what other metadata?)
  • location bar vs search: your stuff vs web stuff
  • if it's clear that user is not entering a url, switch to search bar behavior
  • flock search suggest, spotlight - search bar dropdown shows everything we have
  • NFR: "search across local web experience"
  • FR: unify the result set (querying for data)
  • FR: UI about when/where you want that search
  • FR: UI about parsing/viewing the results


  • FR: add favicons to locbar dropdown, elsewhere?
  • FR: better search of history in location bar (search page title and fti not just url)
  • FR: type-ahead search based on multiple criteria
  • NFR: people type a bunch of shit into locbar, we can make it more useful


  • do we need for N/FRs for management of metadata?
  • NFR: gotta search for things based on when you saw it, what it's called, what you were searching for, where it came from, whether you found it interesting
  • use aggregate information to increase usefulness of search
  • managing by annotation?
  • don't need management organizer if the search results UI allows delete/edit
  • NFR: "shortcuts" vs bookmarks - is this same as "auto-bookmarking"
  • what's the motivation for deleting? (these are possibly NFRs)
    • false positives (that search result sucks, never show it to me again) - UI-entanglement: "never remember passwords", etc
    • clean up history
    • removing clutter (un-boomark, un-star)

theme #2 - starring/tagging

  • NFR - mark something of interest
  • NFR - unmark it
  • NFR - view/search pages of interest
  • FRs for add/edit/delete interestingness
  • FR: annotate a page, to say that it's interesting

possible UIs for marking things as interesting:

  • star
  • beltz: add a sticky note (possibly w/ tags/annos as added metadata)
  • delicious: explicit management

theme #4 - places as platform

  • eat places-platform dogfood and implement starring/tagging as extension
  • need to enumerate the platform requirements for places, add to docs
  • should hook up w/ shaver+team to talk about places platform requirements for extension developers